Monday, May 24, 2010

Clearance Euphoria

Soooo popped into Hobby Lobby today just to see what was new ... and struck pay dirt! Clearance galore! Like six or seven isles of clearance, plus displays in between the isles. Stuff I'd had my eye on for weeks was finally just a couple bucks each! I've really been trying to save money and only buy things if they're a good deal and truly, truly fit within my design scheme of soft whites and greys. All of this fit the bill : )

I got all this fun stuff for just $19! And I had a ton of fun doing it. The search is half the fun for me. The chippy tray with the cool handles was $5. The larger wire basket was $3, and the small one was $2. The paper machier number 5 was $2.50 (ok, that was full price but I love the fact that they have those there for dirt cheap- great for vignettes).

The cloche is my favorite thing ($5), because I've had my eye on it for literally months, but of course I wasn't going to pay full price ... or even 50% off. Because you see, that cross in front is actually the finial that goes on top, and I'm just not a fan. But fortunately for me, it screws right off. I don't mind it just bare, but I'll keep my eye out for a lamp finial or something of that nature for it.

And now, to take us off the clearance high, some nice, relaxing inspiration. I've had kitchens on the mind a lot lately. Like all the time. Maybe it's because seeing so many of you turn yucky old '60s kitchens into modern farmouse/vintage/shabby/gorgeous wonders is so inspiring. Or maybe it's because I can't do a darn thing to mine since I rent. I think two years with brass knobs, plastic cabinet doors (at least they're white!) and faux butcher block countertops (mmm...fake wood...) has just gotten to me. I'm longing for a place of my own that I can truly make my own. But, until that day comes, here's some gorgeous inspiration for all of us to drool over. Enjoy!

{mmm I wish I could be sitting by this pretty window, sipping my morning coffee and enjoying the beauty}

{now this is some storage. love it!}

{bright, sunny and colorful ... reminds me of my bff! and do I spy a beast there?}

{Scandinavian, of course}

{I want a ladder in my kitchen!!}

{green! my favorite color.}

{LOVE the chalkboards on a few of the cabinet doors. I will most certainly be doing that when I have a kitchen of my own.}

{Farmhouse-y goodness.}

{pretty whites.}

Today I'm linking to the Thrifty Treasures Party over on Southern Hospitality.

That's all for now! Have a lovely Tuesday!

{live beautifully}


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  1. What wonderful finds. I'm a bit envious--no Hobby Lobbies around me!! I can dream right? Anyway--great post!

  2. Anonymous5/25/2010

    You're soooo cute! Haha, as I was reading that post and came to that picture I was dreaming up a comment that said something to the degree of, "YOU FOUND MY ROOM!"... and then I read your caption - hahahaha! You know me too well!

    Congrats on your bargain finds! Love you!

  3. Love it! I wish I could have 10 houses and decorate them all differently! :) Love Hobby Lobby and love clearance racks!

  4. You hit the jackpot on the clearance rack for sure! Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great rest of the day, Theresa

  5. Oh how I wish I still had a Hobby Lobby near me! You found some great stuff!

  6. Wish I had known about chalkboard cupboards when your sister was little! Might have saved some walls from being "decorated!" ;)

    P.S. LOVE the bottom kitchen! I'm dreaming......

  7. Courtney, why haven't we gone shopping together yet? We love the same things!

  8. Love, love Hobby Lobby clearance! You found some fun stuff...makes me want to make a trip to mine! The kitchen pictures are wonderful as well:)

  9. what great finds - and a delicious stash for $19?! score. :)

  10. AW---your mom's comment is so cute :) I love it when my mom comments on my blog!
    I get in so much trouble when HobLob has their 80% off clearance--good trouble!
    I've had my mind on my kitchen, lately, too!
    I, too, had brass knobs, then I took them all of and spray-painted them black-what a HUGE improvement. (You probably can't do that, can you--I'm sorry)! Mark thought I was nuts to paint over "brass". Oh, well.
    Thank you for the inspiration photos- I pray you will be able to have a place of your own real soon!
    I am happy to have you as a new friend to my blog, and now I am your new friend, too.
    I am also happy to have a new sister in Christ! :)
    Blessings to you as you make your home!

  11. Look at you go with ALL the fun pics.

    Thanks for stopping by AND you certainly can get the purses online... or actually by phone, 763.427.5321. Give us a call and I can ship one out.



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