Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thrifty Finds

Hello again! I promised I would show you my best-yet thrift store find, so here it goes! First, let's start with the background story ... I had been dying to have these lovely ceramic alphabet and number balls for months. Only problem was, they're super pricey. Like $2 a pop. And when you need at least 20 or 30 to display, that's a lot. I had waited and waited to get them, trying to find a cheaper alternative, but there were none (sorry, blogging dyi-ers, ping pong balls just weren't cutting it). So I caved, finally spent $40 on the beautiful little balls from Pier 1, and of course needed something fabulous to display them in. Enter, the DAV.

Now, mind you I've never been much of a thrifter, and I strongly dislike the DAV near my house because it honestly smells like throw up. But I sucked it up, held my breath, and went in. I scoured the homewares for something non-disgusting and super cheap. There wasn't much but as I was debating between a sad vase and an over-priced mason jar, the heavens parted and I noticed a glorious wire cake stand sort of thing sitting on top of a pile of junk. My heart skipped a beat and I knew it would be perfect! As I snatched up the treasure, I noticed it didn't have a price tag on it. Plastered everywhere were sings that read "no tag, no sale" so I knew I had to find a way to get the stand priced. I finally found the stock man and asked him what the price was. "Would 95 cents work?" were his melodic words to me. "Of course!" I squealed back. And the wire pedestal was mine!

Here it is in its new home in my kitchen, complete with spanish moss and my (waaaay too expensive) alphabet and number balls. TRIUMPH!!

Do you do any thrifting? What's your best find so far?

PS- Stay tuned for my crafty Mother's Day present project coming tomorrow!

- Courtney


  1. Anonymous5/09/2010

    Totally love your balls! Errr... thrifty-ness?!

    Great find, lovie! Keep the fabulous posts coming!

  2. I haven't caved yet and bought those balls but I love them! I go to thrift stores all the time-yes some of them are nasty! My daughter goes around plugging her nose if she is with me at a "smelly" place! Maybe they will get the hint! LOL

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Oooh. I love the stand! I'm an avid thrifter (um addict?). I'm kicking myself because I saw these letter/number balls at a thirft store for 59 cents each...and I didn't buy them. What was I thinking? (visiting from Coastal Charm)

  4. Jody, I'm glad to hear there are other "smelly" stores around...there are lots of nice ones where I live but it would be my luck that the one near my house is the yucky one : ) Still fun though!

    Thrifty designer, don't you hate it when you find the perfect thing and somehow talk yourself out of it? I do it all too often : )

    Thanks for visiting!

  5. Lovin' your thrifty find. I was just like you a few years ago...but now it dose not bother me...some are better than others. I have several very neat and clean stores in my area...I guess I'm a little spoiled! Thanks for coming to my PAR-TAY...hope you are having a good time:)


  6. Nice job on your finds. Be blessed. Cindy

  7. It is the perfect display piece!

    I love those little balls. I paid too much for mine, too, and I don't regret it for a second.


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