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  1. You can fix anything with a CLOCHE, right Court?! Bahahahaha! I love you [and cloche].

    Once again, excellent project!

    PS- I was thinking of having you be a guets blogger in the next week or 2 with a cute DIY project… what do you think?

    Love you.

  2. I'm completely infatuated with all of your politically correct words… Jute… Cloche… I'm pretty sure the most eloquent I could have been would be "twine" and "cool glass globe thingy" 😉

  3. Love the basket. Super cute and seemed fairly easy. I am all about that. Thanks for the shout out the other day too. It was fun to get included in a blog post! Do you ever pop into Dandurand Drugstore at Central and Rock? It is another cute location that I often can't resist. You would have fun in there. Not always great for a budget minded gal, but some wonderful ideas. I have been working on my junk/office/guest/ironing room this week, but am thinking of traveling to the South side of town to check out the DAV and Goodwill's around there. I am a bit scared, but will let you know if it is worth it. Have a great rest of the week.

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