Friday, June 25, 2010

Projects and Finds Galore

Well friends, it's been a week of birthday celebrations, projects and treasure hunting over here at the hive! I was spoiled to death for my birthday and showered with all kinds of goodies, including a...wait for computer!! Hooray! I will now be much more connected and able to answer your comments, as well as post more regularly.

{all the stuff i got for my birthday while i was at work! awesome!}

I got some birthday money and of course had to scour all my fave Wichita places for some frugal finds. Here's what I've come across lately.

I (finally) bought some faux lavender stems from Hobby Lobby while they were 50% off. $10 for all that lavender! (I already had the fun planter they're in). The galvanized French planter was on clearance at Michael's for $5.

I found the great wire urn at this weekend's flea market for $8. I've seen almost exactly the same one at Pottery Barn for $50.

The chicken wire cloche and planter was a little pricey, but I bought it with birthday money. It was $29 from my new favorite store, Roo Grayson, in Wichita. Officially in LOVE with that place!!

The mini bee skep was $5 from a high-end boutique in Wichita, Trio's. It was on clearance and I don't even want to know what the original price was. They don't do cheap there : )

I ordered the fabulous numbered votive holders from Modern Chic Home. On sale, of course, for $3 each.

The burlap grain sack-ish towel is from Dandurand's in Wichita. Loving it!!

The baby cloche I made myself, and it was super easy and cheap. Here's how:

Easy Wire Cloche

1. Simply purchase a "gutter strainer" (I guess that's what they're called) from your local hardware store. They're about $2 or $3 each.

2. Bend a little bit to get the desired cloche shape.

3. Spray paint to your heart's content.

Here's where I ran into some trouble. First I sprayed it my usual cream. But it was just a little too white for me.

So I mixed some cheap-o black craft paint with a ton of water and slapped it over the wire, wiping with a dry paper towel as I went.

I think I like that version the best looking back. But I guess I just couldn't help myself and had to add some copper. I sprayed copper paint onto a paper towel and then wiped it over the cloche, sort of wiping on and wiping off at the same time.

I definitely think I like the plain white and grey version the best, but oh well, got carried away! I'll just have to make another one!

I added a bitty drawer pull as a topper and then tied a little metal number on with some jute to dress it up a bit. Cute I think! Got the idea here.

My next project was to add a number to a burlap pillow. I just bought burlap from Hobby Lobby and had my *amazing* Aunt Kathy sew a pillow cover for me for a pillow I already had. Thanks soooo much, Aunt Kathy, for sewing it for me! You know I would have been a lost cause : )

I just spray painted the pillow using a number stencil. I think after this project I've decided to only hand paint when using stencils. I just can't ever seem to get it to stay inside all the lines when I spray paint, no matter how hard I try. So, you can see where my stencil was, but for some odd reason, I kind of like it that way. Maybe it looks tacky but I'm still happy with it!!

So what have YOU all been up to lately? I'd love to hear about your latest finds! And to my friend Mira, since you don't have a blog, how did down south thrifting go? Find anything good?

That's all for now! Have a wonderful weekend!

{live beautifully}


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  1. Anonymous6/25/2010

    OMG... totally shocked that you got that adorable hive at TRIO's (!!!) for so cheap! Nice find friend!

    Look at you be so crafty with your adorable pillow! Please come decorate my apartment!

    (PS- Thanks for guest posting! So exciting!!)


  2. Awesome finds. I absolutely LOVE the pillow. What neat ideas! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Anonymous6/27/2010

    Hey girl, this is Mira. I couldn't get my message to post with my name for some reason. (ah, technology)

    I knew you would adore Roo Grayson, but didn't you kind of look at some of the goodies and think...I could make that for a lot cheaper? Great ideas though and wonderful to support a local store.

    My "south" side shopping was okay. I haven't hit all of them yet. I don't know my way around down there at all, and it is not the kind of area you want to get lost in. I picked up a few vintage plates and smaller urns.

    I was disappointed in this June's flea market. I found a few things though. A great old frame for four dollars, some antique clothes pins (I am working on my laundry room), a couple of old school chalkboards for two dollars each (I was thinking of using a few for big tags in baskets for gifts). It was too hot and I guess I wasn't very motivated. My friend, Gail, that I always go with struck gold. She scored a great suitcase, some ceiling tiles, a set of three unique white jars, a super cute metal too box, and some other things. I still love going though, and will be super excited for the September one to roll around.

    We are going this week to a few antique stores in Hutchinson. Will let you know what we find and if the trek is worth it. Do you go out to Paramount Antique Mall much? I try and walk through at least once every few months. I think the prices overall are not too bad. If you look on their website they often have weekend days that every booth is discounted etc.

    At the Maxx this week I found a cute Spring Flowers sign that hangs length wise. I has an adorable leather strap that is hangs from at the top. Not really good to have displayed now, but will be fun next Spring. You sometimes has to pick up those goodies when you can!

    I continue to enjoy reading, and I adore the make your own cloche! Have a great weekend in this heat! Mira

  4. Mira, I was totally disappointed in the flea market this month too! it was soooo hot i think we only managed to last 20 or 30 minutes! i think i saw the ceiling tiles your friend bought and was SO close to buying one, but by the time i made up my mind and got back around there were two or three people standing around discussing them like they were ready to buy (it was probably you guys, ha!).

    do let me know how the hutch antique malls are. i will be up in arlington near hutch next weekend so i'd love to stop in if it's worth it.

    i've not been to paramount antiques, but i need to go. where is that one? i've hit a legacy and the one on west central (i don't know the name?) but that's about as far as I've gotten with antique stores. will definitely go soon!

    excellent work at TJ! I feel like i've been there at least once or twice a week for the last few weeks and haven't seen anything at all! it seems so sparse and poorly stocked right now. maybe i'm just going on the wrong days.

    thanks for reading! i love hearing about your wichita finds and am so glad to know someone else here loves it as much as i do : ) talk to you soon!


  5. Anonymous6/27/2010

    (Mira again, still not letting me post my name. Will have to ask my husband tomorrow.)

    OMG! You are going to flip if you have never been to Paramount (it is at Kellogg and 135th). It is so our style compared to Legacy. You will need several hours to look and walk through. You are going to love it!!!! Very clean and nice. You will adore all of the kitchen scales and fun locker basket type items. Not every booth is our style, but many of them are.

    At the flea market, were the tiles at the end of the booth that the two guys run? It is located close to the snack bar? We always hit his booth first, then start walking around. He has made us some pretty good deals in the past. I bought two vintage door handle frames from him this spring, and just finished a project mounting them onto picture frames. Super pleased with that project. Gail did buy one or two of the bigger tiles, but she spotted these two smaler tiles (maybe 9X9). Heavenly...a bit jealous she saw them and I didn't.

    We are headed to Hutch on Thursday...will let you know. The one store is supposed to be comparable to a junk yard inside and out and you just have to search. I personally can't wait.

    Enjoy your week and stay cool. Mira

  6. you found some awesome stuff and Happy birthday!!! I love all your finds!!! Sometimes a girl just has to splurge on those fab pieces!!!!

  7. Wow, so many great and wonderful treasures. I am stunned at the beautiful cloches you found and the tutorial of how to make one is just fabulous. I am hosting a cloche party on July 16th. I hope you will check out my sidebar for details. Yours are gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  8. Such great finds and thanks for the how-to tips.

  9. Very cute items. I love the little cloche you made yourself!! I'm still celebrating my June 9th Birthday!

  10. My favorite is your spray painted pillow. That is so cute!

  11. GREAT finds! I'm visiting from Thrifty Treasures... :)

  12. your finds are incredible! I loved every single thing you featured!!! Your crafts turned out great!!!!

  13. Happy Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate finding bargins. Great finds and thanks for the how to. Blessings, Vicky

  14. Fabulous the bee skep. Guess I will have to branch out and head to Wichita instead of KC!

  15. thanks everyone! you're all too kind!

    marti, i will definitely be over for your cloche party! it's cloches galore over here!

    mimi, if you ever do head to wichita and need shopping ideas just let me know because i know all the best, hidden places!

  16. What awesome finds and thanks for the wire cloche tutorial!


  17. Anonymous6/28/2010

    Courtney, your pillow turned out cute. I like the overspray look! Next time, if you don't want that look - cover the area with newspaper :) Love ya, Aunt Kathy

  18. You spent your money well! Love the bee skep


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