Monday, June 14, 2010

Strange Love

Well, this weekend was definitely good for thrifty finds/garage saling/junking. I have some finds to show off, but I think I want to simplify this post and just talk about my favorite thing I found. As in the new love of my life.

The worst part is, I want so badly to not like it. Because I think a lot of people might find my newest discovery ... a little odd. What is my new love, you ask? Why, a giant hand ... obviously.

Here she is.

I LOOOVE her. It seems so Pottery Barn/West Elm/Wisteria-y, or something.

And it even has numbers!!

I found her at a "junque" sale going on next to the sidewalk sale at Juliana Daniel's (for those of you from Wichita). Now first of all, you should note that there are not junque sales in Wichita. There are no Barn House boys, no Queen of Tartes, no lovely flea markets full of numbered galvanized things, ironstone and heavenly other diddys. There are only garage sales, the kind where you have to hit 75 before you find anything worth buying. The "junque" crazy has not hit here yet ... at all. So of course the second I stumbled across that kind of sale, I just about fell over dead. It was too good to be true!

I snatched up the hand the moment I saw it. When I found the little lady selling things, she told me it was $25. She's a tiny little lady with silver hair she piles all on top of her head, with swingy skirts and bright coral-y pink lipstick. She lives in my parents' neighborhood and always has awesome stuff. I've been to her garage sales a few times before. I thought it was ironic I actually knew who she was.

When I winced at the $25 price tag, she came right up against me, peering the eight inches up from her face to mine. "What would fit within your budget?" she asked. The cheap side of me wanted to say $15, but I knew better with her.

"$20?" I stammered.

"Can we compromise at $22?" she asked as she brought her coral-clad lips closer to mine.

"You really need that extra $2?! Are you kidding me? This stuff is straight out of the back of your mini van sitting in an abandoned parking lot!" I was thinking in my head. But between her intense little old lady stare, and the fact that she was so close to my face she could have kissed me, I caved and said "Sure, $22."

Was I crazy to pay $22 for a giant porcelain hand? Am I weird that I think it's so fabulous? Oh well, I don't care. I flat out LOVE this thing!!

So what do you think, creepy or classy?

PS- just to make myself feel better, I looked up how much one of these things would have cost me retail. I guess I did pretty well...

This one from is $70. Yay!

{live beautifully}


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  1. Anonymous6/14/2010

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Anonymous6/14/2010

    I love you, but i could not have the hand thing in my home. Every time I see it I would think of Syd from Tea Story destroying the dolls and putting their hands on creepy other toys.

    I have a huge fear that at night it would crawl it's way out from under my bed and attack me.

    This being said, I have come to the following conclusion:

    1) I need to cut down on the Disney/Pixar flicks.

    2) You have far more style and home decor know-how to declare what's hip, so I'm all about your hand-thingy!

    - LOVE YOU -

    PS- 24 hrs + 20 more minutes left to be 22... live it up, yo!

  3. Anonymous6/25/2010

    I left you an award on my blog this morning, my dear!



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