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  1. Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!

    SO CUTE!

    I cannot tell you how much I LOVE the 4th of July thing going on! And that bicycle/wire crown basket were amazing finds! Umm… please get to KC asap – we need to talk this weekend about how I can update my place!!

    PS- Loved that EPC design – so chic and cute!

    Love you, best fraaannnn!

  2. I love looking at blogs and recently saw yours on a Shabby Nest post. I am in Wichita too, but there is not enough time with a full time job, husband and two kids to have my own blog. I just have to enjoy others. It is so funny that you bought those number tins, because I bought the rest at the East Maxx…1, 5, 6, 7 and 9 on Tuesday! I adore them, and I scooped them up right away like they were amazing treasures. They are very similiar to a number 4 tin that I purchased at Roo Grayson this Spring. Good luck with Wichita shopping and junking.

  3. Mira thanks so much for commenting! What a small world! I can't believe the coincidince that you found my blog and were the one who bought the other pails … craziness! I'm so glad the other numbers went to a good home : )I have not tried out Roo Grayson yet, but I've been meaning to stop in so I will definitely need to soon. Keep in touch! I'm glad to hear of another Wichita blog/shopping/decorating lover!

  4. OK….just not believing the coral & starfish….ummm….my anti-seaside girl is growing & changing 🙂 Everything is adorable as always & glad to have you lovin' a little sea!

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