Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet Summer

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Oh my goodness, it has been just forever since I've blogged! I'm in withdrawal, definitely! I have a confession though ... I don't actually have a computer. I know, how can you be a blogger without a computer?! Well, mine broke last fall and I've been trying to save up for a new one ever since ... which is a hard thing to do when your fetish/obsession is shopping. I guess I mostly borrow my boyfriend or parents' laptops when I get the chance. Hence why my posts have been so sparse lately! Goodness I have missed you all!

But, lack of posts means an abundance of new finds, projects and photos. Especially with sweet summer finally here. So here it goes!

Kitchen Redo
First of all, since you know my recent preocupation with kitchens, I of course needed to redecorate mine. Here's the before of the display above my cabinets. (Sorry these pictures aren't very good. My kitchen is so small that I literally can't get far enough away to take a good picture. And I also take all my pictures at about 1 a.m., because that's the only time I'm ever home, so they're not exactly sun-filled, pretty pictures. Oh well!)

Not bad, just a little too colorful/leftover-teenage-years-y for me. Here is the after:

Much better don't you think? The cake stands (I collect them) are from this fabulous store in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The chicken wire crate was $1 at Goodwill. You should recognize the number 5 and two wire baskets from my clearance finds. The pot in the small basket is from Anthropologie, as well as the grey vase in the back. And the wire beehive is from Nell Hill's. I love the look of all the wire grouped together!

The fun bicycle was a DAV find last weekend for just 95 cents. It was black and I just sprayed it copper.

The wire basket shaped like a crown is one of my favorite new finds. It was $3 at a garage sale. Somehow, it completely finished off this cabinet look. I love it!

Stars and Stripes
I also spent the weekend putting out summer and 4th of July decorations.

I changed out my terrarium from the bird's nest to summery starfish and coral from I also added the linen star table cloth that I picked up at my garage sale from one of the other ladies having it with us. Thanks Gail!

This is one of my favorite displays! I ordered the sage scale on eBay, and added Target dollar bin flags, a starfish and one of the numbered pails I found at TJ Maxx this weekend.

See how cute they are? My mom had to talk me out of buying every single number, one through nine. I managed just to limit myself to 2, 3, 4 and 8 : ) They were $4 each.

I also added dollar bin flags in my wire urn. Festive, no?

Design Winner
Several people have requested to know which design was chosen for the women's event I'm doing the design and promotion for. It was my personal fave (and apparently yours too!) the hip cakstand look, #4!

Thanks everyone for voting! I told the group choosing what the votes and opinions were, and they thought it was super helpful.

I have a few more fun projects and finds up my sleeve, but those will have to wait for another day and better photographic lighting. Until then, happy decorating and enjoying the lovely June weather!

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  1. Anonymous6/04/2010

    Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!

    SO CUTE!

    I cannot tell you how much I LOVE the 4th of July thing going on! And that bicycle/wire crown basket were amazing finds! Umm... please get to KC asap - we need to talk this weekend about how I can update my place!!

    PS- Loved that EPC design - so chic and cute!

    Love you, best fraaannnn!

  2. Anonymous6/04/2010

    PS- Hurry up and get a computer so I can have quality design posts EVERY day... geez...

  3. Mira Mullen6/04/2010

    I love looking at blogs and recently saw yours on a Shabby Nest post. I am in Wichita too, but there is not enough time with a full time job, husband and two kids to have my own blog. I just have to enjoy others. It is so funny that you bought those number tins, because I bought the rest at the East Maxx...1, 5, 6, 7 and 9 on Tuesday! I adore them, and I scooped them up right away like they were amazing treasures. They are very similiar to a number 4 tin that I purchased at Roo Grayson this Spring. Good luck with Wichita shopping and junking.

  4. Mira thanks so much for commenting! What a small world! I can't believe the coincidince that you found my blog and were the one who bought the other pails ... craziness! I'm so glad the other numbers went to a good home : )I have not tried out Roo Grayson yet, but I've been meaning to stop in so I will definitely need to soon. Keep in touch! I'm glad to hear of another Wichita blog/shopping/decorating lover!

  5. OK....just not believing the coral & anti-seaside girl is growing & changing :) Everything is adorable as always & glad to have you lovin' a little sea!

  6. Just a-d-o-r-e those vintage pails, great buy!

  7. Great shopping - love your finds...especially the scales and pails! Linda

  8. I like your kitchen reduex, clean and airy!


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