Friday, July 23, 2010

Cheap Thrills

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you're all ready for a fun and relaxing weekend! No stress, no work, and all fun ... to me that's what weekends are about!

And to start my weekend off right I headed to the Dollar Tree to see if I could score anything good. In order to keep my budget under control while still feeding my shopping/decorating compulsion, the Dollar Tree is one of my faves!

Now I know a lot/most of the stuff in there is pretty tacky, cheap and not too cute. But sometimes you really do find the best deals! Especially on craft and floral stuff. Here's what I came home with today...

These white taper candles are 2/$1 so I bought 14 to place all together in my French wire urn (the way Holly does).

I've been looking everywhere for little tin pails like these (in galvanized or white). Who knew to look at the Dollar Tree! I had wanted to paint a number on them, but now I kind of like the simple white look. Although heck, for a dollar I guess I could buy a few more for numbering! : )

I also liked these cute faux greenery plants. I was surprised they really didn't look cheap. There were a couple other varieties that I thought looked borderline tacky, but I liked these the best anyway because of the silvery/white sheen on the leaves. Not too fake-plant-green.

I also loved the simplicity of the white placemat with blue striping. It's not sewn totally straight, which would probably bug some people, but I'm not all about perfection here. Plus, once it has some fun accessories on top, who would notice? It makes a great layer on a side table under some wire cloches or candlesticks or whatever.

I think that's about the best $13 I've ever spent! Have you guys had any Dollar Tree luck?

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  1. Love your placemats and the little white buckets are just wonderful. I bought a couple of those tiny little faux plants too. I think they look wonderful. Candles are always something that I need, so I pick up a few every time I am there. I LOVE the Dollar Store. It definitely fits my budget and you really can find som cute things. You did really good. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love Dollar Tree girl!!!! Love all your finds! Cute, cute, cute!

  3. Anonymous7/28/2010

    Mom says......

    Dillons has some small oval galvanized pales, you really have to hunt, but I think they were only $5.

    Cute finds!!

  4. Anonymous7/28/2010

    Mom said....

    Ooops! **pails!

  5. Such a cute blog you have. That fauxliage looks great. I love having herbs and stuff inside though I keep killing them (oops!) so am always on the hunt for good looking faux plants. They can be really expensive though so you got some bargains girl. I also adore those tapered candles.
    The Painted Hive

  6. Just found your blog through Megan's! :) I love Dollar Tree - You never know what you're gonna find, and I was able to use a lot of their craft stuff for my wedding projects!

    PS - Your blog is precious! I'm excited to start following another TA alum!


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