Sunday, August 8, 2010

House Tour Part 1

Holy scheduling conflicts, batman! I haven't blogged in more than two weeks!! People have been asking me if I'm ok, just because they haven't seen a post lately. Yes, I'm a-ok, just busier than all get out. I feel like I haven't had time to stop or breathe or anything for the last few weeks.

{at Kevin and Whitney (aka Wevin's) wedding}

Last weekend, Matt was a groomsman in his best friend's wedding (love you Wevin!). It was such a beautiful and fun day!

{some of my amazing best friends with the beautiful bride}

Then this weekend, one of my good friends Paige, who I have known since I was about 5, got married, and I got the privilege of being a Scripture reader. So those two things, on top of just life and work and everything else, have kept me soooo busy.

But I haven't forgotten about you! I managed to snap a few shots of my living room for you last week when we had a little girls' night for Paige. She's Lebanese, and we've always joked that her wedding would be just like the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. So of course we had to watch it a few days before the big day. I hosted the bride and a couple of our high school friends for the evening, and thought it was a good opportunity take some pictures of my living room. I'd like to show you complete shots of all the rooms in my apartment before I move out in a month and a half, so look for more coming soon.

I realize these are pretty dark, but I tried and tried to get nice sunny light shots and I am just never ever at home when the sun is out. Sooo enjoy the candlelight : )

Ok, so not my living room, but here is the yummy part of the evening, some of our favorite girly wine in pretty (Dollar Tree) wine glasses.

I used some of my flea market numbers as wine glass markers. I just tied them on with jute.

Here is my living room as seen from the front door. You walk straight into the room from the front door. (There's a complete list of sources at the bottom of this post if you're wondering where to find anything.)

I LOVE the gray wire cloche on this table, and want the matching larger one at some point. Right now it houses my lavender seedlings, which are just peeking through the dirt. You can't see it well in this picture, but I used one of my zinc placecards as a label for the lavender.

Looking at the room from the hallway toward the front door.

My dining table/nap bed/crafting table/writing desk/computer desk/couch and coffee table. Very multi-functional : )

I found the chair in the corner, and its twin, at a garage sale about three or four years ago for $20 for the pair. They are sturdy, but still pretty rough looking, so eventually they will look more like this:

I want to paint them chippy white and gray, with a linen or light-colored cotton upholstery. Very Gustavian.

Looking into the hallway/bathroom (sorry about the toilet shot) from over by the window.

Well there you have it! My teeny tiny living room. I've loved living here but I'm excited to be able to live in a bigger place. Well, ok technically I will be living in my parents' house for several months, but after that I will hopefully have a much larger, but still character-filled, home. I hope you enjoyed the tour! Stay tuned for more room tours!

{live beautifully}


Couch: Goodwill
Oversized Chair: Craigslist
Coffeetable: Garage Sale
Table under window: Hand-me-down from grandparents
Antique chest (with TV on it): also from grandparents
Wine rack (used as a sidetable next to the couch): Target
Side chair: Garage sale
Ruffled throw: TJ Maxx
White pillows: Target
Mirror: hand-me-down from parents
Small wall shelves: TJ Maxx
Table Lamp: TJ Maxx
Picture stand on sidetable: Dillon's
Wall hooks: TJ Maxx
White pails and greenery: Dollar Tree
Feedsack-y kitchen towel (used as runner): Dandurand's
Wooden tray: Dillon's
Apothecary jar and moss balls: Dillon's
Wire bee hive: Trio's
All accessories next to TV found here
Wire bird castle: Hobby Lobby
Wire cloche: Home Decorator's Collection
Numbered Galvanized pails: TJ Maxx
Curtains: Target
White side table: TJ Maxx
Turquoise urn: Anthropologie
White tulip and bulbs: Tuesday Morning
Floor lamp: Wal Mart
Wall clock: Target
Carte Postal pillow: Cottage Caboodle


  1. I love your couch! It looks so warm and comfy!

  2. Anonymous8/10/2010

    Mira said....Glad you okay...missed seeing your ideas.

  3. Anonymous8/10/2010

    Mom said.....

    I'm thinking of borrowing that cross while you're home for the entry.....bwahahaha!!!

    Also, you are a beautiful groomsman's girlfriend/scripture reader! I am truly blessed!


  4. Anonymous8/10/2010

    Mom said....

    Or maybe that little thingy by the door that has plants hanging on it....oh my house will look so cute with all your things hanging everywhere.... :D



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