Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Window Shopping

Ok so I don't usually post twice in one day but I think this one will kill lots of birds with one stone.

a) I'm going to the lake tomorrow so I won't be able to post for a while
b) I've been feeling very guilty about my recent lack of posts
c) Hopefully this post will tide you over til I return
d) I love each thing in the following pictures so much I know you just have to see them!!

You see, I've happened upon this glorious online shop I think whoever runs it must be my soul mate. They have the best stuff at the best prices! So let's take a little tour shall we? This only scratches the surface of what they offer, but I just pulled the things I would buy (if I were letting myself spend money right now, which I'm not, so that's why they call it window shopping : ).

A little sampling from

My personal fave, a French wire urn. $27

Cast iron planter $18

My other fave, huge wooden terrarium, $65

Willow baskets with muslin liners, $42

Bird cage lamp (love the base, not so much the shade), $39

Fisherman's float, $17

Wire bird cages, $54

Wicker flower bucket, $19

Copper tub, $6.19

Hanging wicker candle holder, $6

Lots of lavender

15" topiary tree, $8

Velvet ribbon

Blue speckled eggs in wooden crate, $10.50

25" lemon tree, $15

Savon de Marsielle lavender soap, $12

Hope you enjoyed this little shopping trip : ) See you next week!

{live beautifully}



  1. Anonymous8/11/2010

    Mom says......

    Lovely! Have a fun time at the lake!


  2. Anonymous8/12/2010

    L-l-l-l-loooovveee the lemon tree, dearest!

    This is all so very "you"! So sorry we missed our phone date last night... perhaps we can do a quick catch up post-work or at lunch?

    Love you!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I love everything you picked out!!! I will have to go check that place out!!! I saw that same bird cage lamp at Cracker Barrel on clearance for $25.00!! I love the base but not the shade at all! I wonder what would look right? The shade was made out of metal too, so maybe painted?

    Take care!
    I'm a post slacker too!!!

  4. Hi, Courtney! Thanks for coming in the store today (and for reading my blog!) Really enjoyed meeting you. Come back and see us!

  5. Anonymous8/16/2010

    Mira said...

    I adore the lemon tree. I had 25 lemon topiaries that I purchased when I got married several years ago. I had sort of a lemon/lime themed wedding. It was too fun using the colors and real/fake fruit to decorate.

    I have to tell you that I found a steal at the DAV on East Central this weekend. It is a huge, (when I say huge I mean giant....almost five feet tall) black and white tin clock! It wouldn't even fit on top of my four runner, so they had to strap the beauty on top! It is just decorative, but lovely all the same. Not sure what I am going to do with it, but I am digging it just leaning again one of the walls in the living room.

    I went into the Maxx last week and didn't find one thing for me...I found a few gift items for the kids, but I was disappointed. I am ready for some real at the flea market in September.

    Have a great week!

  6. Oh my...I love this stuff too! Especially the lavender, velvet ribbon and the soap. Thanks for sharing :)

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  8. How have I never ever heard of this place? Wow! I can use lots of thesse things in my business and in my home. Thanks a million! Xo...Linsey

  9. I'm the worst comment-responder person ever!! Mira, that clock sounds amazing!! I need pictures of this stuff : ) And you found it at the DAV?! How awesome! Is it vintage or newish? Trying to get an idea of it in my head!

    Linsey, I know, right?! I'm just kicking myself for not buying the French wire urn tho, because it has disappeared off the site. I'm hoping it will come back in stock because I just loved it! Thanks for coming by!

  10. Anonymous8/30/2010

    Mira said...

    the clock is newer, but meant to look old. Check out the five foot non-operational clock in the latest Restoration Home Catalog....very similiar, with the roman numberals etc., except for the 1500.00 price tag!!

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