Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Not Much...

But for now it's home.

I'm all snug back at home with the 'rents for now. Sooo decorating posts might be a tad scarce (but not extinct). I've been saving a few posts back so I'd have some fun things to show you after I moved : )

I only brought with me a few of my favorite little decorative items to spruce up my room at my parents'. Trust me, I miss decorating already! But it will save so much money for the wedding/married life, it's totally worth it. Stay tuned for more news and such. I promise I won't forget about you all!

Over and out for now!

{live beautifully}

Friday, September 17, 2010

Balloons, Please!

Guess what I just ordered for our engagement photo shoot? These lovelies!

I'm loving the look of these big, perfectly round balloons. They add just the right amount of whimsy and color to pictures, I think. Mine are white, but look at what you could do with them in any shade!

The one above is my personal fave, and my mom and sis love it too, so we are strongly considering decking out the cupcake table with awesome white balloons like this! What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!

{live beautifully}

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wedding Inspiration

Hello friends! I thought I would share some wedding details and inspiration with you today. Don't worry, this will still be a decorating blog, but right now weddings are definitely what's on my brain, not to mention my house is torn to pieces as I'm moving out in a couple weeks, so there's not much to show off : )

Matt and I are getting married on June 17, 2011 at the church I grew up in. I want the whole thing to be very light, airy and vintage-themed (of course!). I'm also not really into traditional. Of course we'll be doing all the "standard" wedding things, but I really want to do everything with a bit of a twist.

Our colors are dove gray and white, with accents of soft sage green. The bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear dove gray to give the whole ceremony the light and ethereal look I'm going for. Here are some inspiration photos...

Isn't the above bridesmaid dress to die for?? LOVE!

This is my favorite example of gray bridesmaid dresses, and what I'm trying to get close to. These dresses are from Forever 21 and cost $33! They don't carry them anymore, but I'm still searching for their twins!

And here is where we're having our reception...

Exploration Place

Exploration Place decked out for a wedding.

Exploration Place is a local science museum (I guess that's the closest thing to it). It's built over the Arkansas River, and the Grand Hall where we'll have our reception overlooks the water. We are so excited about it because the room is all windows and will be so light-filled and just gorgeous. We can't wait!

And here's a few more photos that I'd love to pull some inspiration from for our "look."

What do you think? Lovely no? I'll have some more posts on some of the "twists" and diy stuff we'll be doing for the big day, so stay tuned!

{live beautifully}


P.S. I'm a bad blogger and have no idea where I got most of these images. Probably a lot of them came from here.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where I've Been...

If you've been wondering where I've been.... here's a little clue...

Matt and I got engaged two weeks ago!

And between wedding plans, packing to move and everything else already in my crazy life, I just haven't had time to blog. But stay tuned! Because my love for decorating certainly carries over to wedding planning/decor. So I'll have inspiration photos for our June 17, 2011 wedding coming soon!

Love you all!

{live beautifully}
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