Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mmmm... the pies are in the oven, the cranberry dressing has been pulsed in the food processor (despite an extreme case of user ignorance), and the stuffing is being mixed as we speak. Thanksgiving is here!

My mom and I whipping up a Thanksgiving spread. Keep in mind this was at 11 last night, so we're not exactly ready for our head shots : )

This is the first year I won't eat dinner with my family, but that's ok because I'll be eating with my new family!

The tradition of pumpkin pie around the TV watching Home Alone will continue, though, because we'll join my family for dessert and our favorite holiday movie.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

{live beautifully}


What's New Pussy Cat?

My blog, that's what! I did a little re-decoratin' around the 'ol blog to better match my "goal look" of airy, light and bright whites and grays. Whaddya think?

Banner before

Banner after

I also expanded my profile and listed my absolute favorite blogs along the right side. If you are looking for inspiration, these girls are where it's at!

If you're reading this in Reader, come on over and take a peek!

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Take a Rest

In the December issue of Country Living, they feature this funny little spoon rest from Fish's Eddy. (It reads: Rest in Grease)
It's very clever, but I prefer this cutie from Elizabeth's Embellishments.

It would make another great stocking stuffer for the cook in your life, don't you think?

Both are under $10, so no complaints there!

{live beautifully}


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Heart the Dollar Tree!

You all know how much I love the Dollar Tree for a bargain. Well, I made a stop in the there today for some Christmas ornaments for a new project and was pleasantly surprised to see a cute little Christmas tea towel there.

It's cotton but woven so it looks and feels a lot like linen. And it has a pretty gold stripe going up each side that adds just a touch of sparkle for the holidays. (Or...I guess it will next Christmas when I actually have a kitchen to put it in : )

And who can resist for a buck?

Stay tuned for what I did with the ornaments!

{live beautifully}


linking to this fun party at Coastal Charm

Etsy Stocking Stuffers under $30

As we head into the merry season of gift-giving, I always wonder where to go to find the best gifts at a price that fits my holiday budget. I've discovered Etsy is a great place to turn for just about everything. A good chunk of my wedding things have come from Etsy and now I've found it can be my gift-giving headquarters as well! Here's a rundown of cute stocking stuffers at every price point, and that everyone on your list is sure to love.

Etsy Gift Guide

French Snowflake Clay Tags - $3

Perfect for gift wrapping or slipping into a stocking or package.

Lavender Pumpkin Soap - $4.68

Yum! Sounds delicious to me. Not to mention it's so pretty!

Silver Winter Nest - $8

Trim your tree or wrap it up pretty for a sweet gift to a friend.

Silver Chalkboard - $10.50

What a pretty idea!

Ticking Clutch - $12

Love this adorable clutch made from blue ticking and lovely flower.

White Compote - $15

Perfect for displaying treasures.

Vintage Locket - $17.50

There's something so classic about a locket. This one is perfect, especially topped off with a pearl.

Pearl and Gold Earrings - $21

Simple Elegance.

Chunky Wood Frame - $26

I have been in love with chunky barnwood frames lately. Perfect!

Well there you have it! I hope this gave you some fun and budget-friendly ideas as you're shopping for all the special people in your life. What's on your Christmas wish list?

{live beautifully}


Monday, November 22, 2010

Boot Bliss

I. Am. In. Love.

With my boots.

Yep, these snuggly little sweaters for feet are about the best thing I've come across in a while.

The insides are lined with some gloriously soft fur that is cushy and warm. The rest of the boots are knit from the softest materials and have cute little buttons up the side.

You all know me well enough by now to know I would never pay for real Uggs. Nope, mine are from Old Navy... during the $15 boot sale (which is still going on, by the way). Love it! Thrifty and blissfully comfy!

Now, can I somehow pass these off as "business casual" so I can wear them to work? I don't plan on taking them off anytime soon!

{live beautifully}

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sneak Peek

Just had to show you what Matt and I were up to the other night...

Isn't she pretty?

It wasn't really difficult to put together, just a little time consuming. I ended up finding it for $130 less than CSN stores at, so that's where it came from : )

Can't wait to see it in our house! Seven months from Wednesday!

{live beautifully}


Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh friends, my heart is heavy today. There is so much that goes on in the "grown up" world that you could never even imagine as a child, or even in high school or college ... and I think all of that is hitting me now. We humans sure do complicate things don't we? Ah, but it's nothing that Jesus is not in control of or cannot fix.

To get my mind off of things, I thought I'd show you my latest bargain... this piece of wall art from Target. It looks a lot like antique typesetter letters! I bought two of them for our house for... drum roll please... $3 each! New. From Target. Yay! They were in the clearance isle, and we had quite the time getting them to ring up correctly (I think I returned and purchase them about three times while I was there while the cashier and I were trying to get the correct price to ring up), but they were well worth it.

I also bought some paperwhite bulbs to plant in my antique Belgian pitch pots (photos coming soon) and I think it all looks good together with my mini orchid and a ceramic alphabet ball thrown in for good measure (Michael's dollar bin).

Nothing lifts my spirits like a little vignette creating : )

I hope your day is happier than mine and your weather is better too ... cold and rainy here in Wichita, although I guess it's fitting for today.

Man, am I a downer or what?! : )

Have a great weekend!

{live beautifully}


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Girl Furniture

Well, I have officially bought my first real piece of furniture, at least that wasn't from a garage sale, Goodwill, Craigslist or a hand-me-down. I really am beyond excited about it!!!

Isn't she beautiful?! I feel so grown up that we have a real table and four chairs! And it was a great price from, plus I had a 10% off coupon from them. How great is that? I love CSN stores, their low prices, huge selection and almost always free shipping (even on dining sets!). Check them out if you haven't yet.

I couldn't be happier! : )

{live beautifully}


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Santa, Please Check My Registry : )

Hello lovely friends! I am loving getting some blog time in on Sundays these days. Matt and I go to a young married's Sunday school class at 9:30 a.m. now and then we don't have church until 5 p.m. so my day is pretty free and very relaxing. Of course I've been spending a lot of this downtime on wedding stuff, including perfecting our registry.

Registering has been one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process so far! I have had a blast planning my home in my mind and picking out every little thing to fill it with... from ice cream scoops to curtains and everything in between. Gifts are always a tricky thing, so we don't ever want to assume that 1. we even need gifts because our loved ones' presence at our wedding is the most important thing, and 2. that people will purchase things off our registry or will be willing to buy some of the more expensive things we've listed. It's almost more just for fun and to "dream" about life together, than actually asking for a $600 plasma TV (well, Matt may disagree and say that's at the top of the list : )

With that being said though, I know for Christmas this year pretty much all I'll be asking for are registry items, especially the more "fun/pretty" things. I know the mixing bowls and utensils go quickly for shower gifts (and I am equally excited about those things as well!!), but I figure we may not get some of the less-necessary (and online-only) things we've listed. Here are some of the "fun things" topping my Christmas wish list this year...

Topping my Christmas list are absolutely these subway/bus roll signs from Bed Bath and Beyond. I've already told Santa (aka my mom) they're all I want under the tree : )

Conveniently, I already have the matching wire basket to this darling little wire silverware caddy!

Love this three-tier basket.

Cool hanging wire basket...are you sensing a theme?

This is kinda like the driftwood sailboats from White Flower Farmhouse, right? Thanks Bed Bath and Beyond!

These curtains from Bed Bath and Beyond match our white kissing pleat bedding from Target perfectly. How awesome is that?

Love this white bathroom cabinet from Tarjay.

Living room couch pillows.
We already have the kissing pleat bedding, but not this darling matching pillow. Love it!
White latte bowls, like Anthro, but at Target!

Who knew you could love a trashcan so much???

Now tell me, what are you asking Santa for? My mom and I will be out on Black Friday shopping it up, so if you are a friend or family member you better tell us now so we can fill your stocking with the best loot! : )

{live beautifully}

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