Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Santa, Please Check My Registry : )

Hello lovely friends! I am loving getting some blog time in on Sundays these days. Matt and I go to a young married's Sunday school class at 9:30 a.m. now and then we don't have church until 5 p.m. so my day is pretty free and very relaxing. Of course I've been spending a lot of this downtime on wedding stuff, including perfecting our registry.

Registering has been one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process so far! I have had a blast planning my home in my mind and picking out every little thing to fill it with... from ice cream scoops to curtains and everything in between. Gifts are always a tricky thing, so we don't ever want to assume that 1. we even need gifts because our loved ones' presence at our wedding is the most important thing, and 2. that people will purchase things off our registry or will be willing to buy some of the more expensive things we've listed. It's almost more just for fun and to "dream" about life together, than actually asking for a $600 plasma TV (well, Matt may disagree and say that's at the top of the list : )

With that being said though, I know for Christmas this year pretty much all I'll be asking for are registry items, especially the more "fun/pretty" things. I know the mixing bowls and utensils go quickly for shower gifts (and I am equally excited about those things as well!!), but I figure we may not get some of the less-necessary (and online-only) things we've listed. Here are some of the "fun things" topping my Christmas wish list this year...

Topping my Christmas list are absolutely these subway/bus roll signs from Bed Bath and Beyond. I've already told Santa (aka my mom) they're all I want under the tree : )

Conveniently, I already have the matching wire basket to this darling little wire silverware caddy!

Love this three-tier basket.

Cool hanging wire basket...are you sensing a theme?

This is kinda like the driftwood sailboats from White Flower Farmhouse, right? Thanks Bed Bath and Beyond!

These curtains from Bed Bath and Beyond match our white kissing pleat bedding from Target perfectly. How awesome is that?

Love this white bathroom cabinet from Tarjay.

Living room couch pillows.
We already have the kissing pleat bedding, but not this darling matching pillow. Love it!
White latte bowls, like Anthro, but at Target!

Who knew you could love a trashcan so much???

Now tell me, what are you asking Santa for? My mom and I will be out on Black Friday shopping it up, so if you are a friend or family member you better tell us now so we can fill your stocking with the best loot! : )

{live beautifully}



  1. Hi Courtney,

    Love your blog. Thanks for coming to see me today. I am now a new follower!


  2. Hi Courtney! So glad that you came and found me and my giveaway :) I have been enjoying looking at your wish mine just grew bigger looking at yours! Ha ;)
    Cant wait to follow you along on you newlywed journey. Me and my hubs just celebrated our 3rd anniversary by buying a "new" house :)
    Love all your ideas - talk soon!


    ps - good luck on the giveaway :D


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