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  1. This is fabulous!
    I love the new color, you did a wonderful job, thanks for linking!

  2. super sweet….
    i love the style of this little cabinet…& your finishing touches are perfect!

    i know what you mean…over christmas and the new year we can lose a little *mojo* when catching up with all and blogging….
    i too feel back on track…

    melissa ….

    ps lovely to have found you through sarah and beach cottage!

  3. Love it!!! I have been searching for a small cabinet like this for our bathroom to no avail. Love the finish, really makes the difference between "eh" and "OH MY!"

  4. Thanks guys! Beth, I looked forever for one too! And I found it at Dillon's of all places, which is like Kroger or Safeway. Who knew?
    Miss Sew, so glad you found me too! : )

  5. Adorable! I really love the gray that you ended up with. You turned that into a great little cupboard! Visiting from A Beach Cottage….. ;~}

  6. I know this shelf. I've seen it at my fred meyers….on clearance even, but I passed it up because of the black and dark gray. I have some shopping to do today, I'm really hoping its still there, I love yours.

  7. I disagree with you – I think this is quite perfect!!! Wow, what a great job you did. Love it! Can you tell me what colour grey you used? I want to paint my nightstands this way.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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