Friday, February 11, 2011

Anthro Look Without the Anthro Price

Like most of us, I looooove Anthropologie. Like favorite store ever kind of love it. Their web design, graphics, in-store art and photo styling make me weak in the knees. Oh, and I guess I forgot to mention their clothes and homewares too. Love it all!

What I don't love though is most of their prices. For a girl on a budget, Anthro isn't always within reach. But, as I was perusing the World Market site last night, I discovered they have some very anthro-esque things at very un-anthro prices.

The main comparison I saw are these gray sculpted towels. They look almost identical to the Anthro version, but are less than half the cost.

I also found a couple other things that caught my eye (and are kinda anthro-esque too!)

I'm not usually into bright colors but these are too cute!

Love the clean, simple packaging.

I'm not usually into vinyl decals (at least not of the cheesy phrases variety) but these are perfectly vintage. If you live in an apartment (like I probably will) they'd be perfect to personalize a bland apartment wall. And for $9, I will definitely be ordering them for our future home : )

Aiden Coffee Table

A bricklayer table! This has now become a strong contender in the great coffee table debate.

If you like any of these fun things from World Market, or see other things that catch your fancy, be sure to use code FBCC01 for 10% off your entire purchase through March 1.

Have a happy Friday!

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  1. Anonymous2/11/2011

    Thanks for sharing this. It's definitely worth a look. When it got to the coffee table, I was thinking to myself about someone who blogged about similar tables, and which one to get. I thought I'll have to send them the link to your post, but wasn't sure if I'd remember which blog it was on. Lol, a few lines down, I click on you coffee table debate link, and I found her.

    Lisa x

  2. those are some great finds! thanks for sharing :)

  3. Lisa, that's so funny! Do keep your eyes peeled for other good coffee tables : ) Good thing I linked to my other post haha.

  4. Thanks for the tip. This is great info.


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