Thursday, February 10, 2011

L is for Lovely: A Valentine's Day Soiree

Happy Thursday folks! It's almost the weekend yet again! I think it's all the snow days, but the weeks are just flying by now. If only it weren't -17 degrees here, things would just be dandy. But alas, my fingers still get frostbitten every day on my way to work : )

Anyway, I've always loved that in the middle of all the winter gloominess comes Valentine's Day. I think there was a reason its colors are pink and red... we need it in all this yucky winter business! To celebrate Valentine's this year, my friend Karis and I decided to throw a little party. And not just any party a PINK themed party!

Our inspiration came when my jaw hit the floor as I saw this birthday party Melanie from Pretties and Posies gave her little girl. It's full of creative pink, girly details and just so fun looking! I immediately passed the link on to a few friends, and Karis wrote back with "can that be my birthday party this year?" My thoughts exactly.

The beautiful Karis and I getting ready to throw our soiree!

Since neither of our birthdays were coming up, we decided a festive pink party would be perfect for Valentine's Day. So here's what we did ...

How to Throw a Perfectly Pink Valentine's Day Soiree

1. Make some festive decorations.

Remember my pom pom tree? It fits right in.

2. Buy lots and lots and lots of pink treats.

All the paper goods are from the Dollar Tree, as is a lot of the candy. A few of the sweets were from Wally World.

Dollar Tree pink and white animal crackers in Valentine cupcake liners. Loved this idea from Melanie.

Karis is an amazing baker (she even wants to start her own business!) and made the most incredible strawberry cake balls you've ever tasted.

My French Macaroons were a hit! : )

3. Have plenty of girly things to do.

Pretty pink tulips in a farmhouse pitcher dressed up our manicure station. Nail polish from WalMart.

We even had a Valentine making station, which was so fun. These girls were seriously so creative! I loved seeing what they came up with!

4. Make sure to have lots of pink big girl drinks on hand ; ) lemonade, sprite and vodka. Yes please!

5. Invite a few of your best girlfriends.

Aren't our friends so pretty? These ladies are friends from our churches and Bible study groups.

Lovely ladies getting their nails done. Love them!

And there you have it! A perfectly pink, perfectly girly Valentine's Day party. We had so much fun making our Valentine's, watching Notting Hill, painting our nails, sipping pretty pink punch and chatting away.

See, I told you their Valentine's were creative! And they weren't even finished with them when I took the pictures. Amazing. Leah, third over, made hers a clutch that opened to say I love you! So cute!

Let's do it again next year girls!

{live beautifully}

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  1. SO fun! I loved doing this when my friends and I were all single. I am having my girly birthday party later this month....I'm planning it myself, hee! You put a lot of thought (yet simple and affordable) into your party and it looks like all the girls had a great time!

  2. Anonymous2/11/2011

    How lovely and pretty This would be fun for an anytime girlie night. Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa x

  3. What a fun party! Everything looks so pretty and so good!! Gotta love a girls night! :)

  4. Oooh! That looks like such a fantastic party! The decorations looks so, so pretty and the snacks look delicious!

  5. Anonymous2/11/2011

    Aww... looks like fun! Love all the pink treats and pom pom tree! Thanks for sharing your girls night! Love it! Michelle :)

  6. So pretty! :)

    I gave you an award!

  7. Had so much fun at this, and i think i consumed a weeks worth of sugar intake in that one macaroon, and some lemonade (no vodka for me:). The cards I made at the party are on my new post:)

    Have a wonderful day, girl!

  8. That looks like so much fun. The colors and treats look gorgeous.


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