Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Etsy Favorites: Valentine's Edition

image via Martha

It's almost Valentine's Day! And today is the day Matt and I are celebrating, so I thought it would be fitting if the Etsy list this week were Valentine's themed.

Tonight, we're keeping things simple with dinner and a movie. Valentine's isn't something we go all out for, but it's a good excuse to have a fun night out (I got a super cute new top to wear!) and exchange a small present that would make the other person smile. I love sweet, simple things like that. What are you doing? How do you all celebrate Valentine's Day?

Sunday Etsy Favorites 2.13.11

Vintage XOXO Typesetter Letters

A vintage Valentine statement

Strawberry Champagne Cupcakes

These delectable goodies are from one of my followers, Stay Calm Have a Cupcake, who has a great Etsy shop with all sorts of yummy homemade cupcakes she'll send straight to your door. Yes, please!

Rose Sugar Mineral Lip Tint in Violette

For pretty, kissable lips!

Bent Arrow Ring

Wear cupid right on your finger.

Vintage Heart Locket

To keep close to your heart

Antique Pink Tea Cup Set

Delicate, beautiful and perfect for a Valentine's cup of tea.

French Macaroon Soaps

Ok so I might be a little obsessed with French Macaroons, but these are decadent and romantic don't you think?

Happy Valentine's Day!

{live beautifully}


  1. Anonymous2/13/2011

    Oh yes, I do heart that antique pink tea cup set, and those soaps! I could never use them. Too pretty. I love looking at (and eating of course) cupcakes, so will be checking out that etsy store for sure!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa x

  2. Anonymous2/13/2011

    Okay, her blog is a seriously good (and dangerous one for me - all that sugary goodness) Thanks so much for the link. I'm so bookmarking her.

    Cheers again,
    Lisa x

  3. Thanks for featuring my cupcakes!! Make sure you use code SCCS10 for 10% off your entire purchase. Stay Sweet. xoxo

    Stay Calm Cupcake Shop

  4. Ohh! Those are all good finds! And now I am totally craving cupcakes! We don't do anything crazy for Valentine's Day either, just something low key. Have a lovely day celebrating!

  5. those teacups are ADORABLE! i wish i could afford them!

  6. @Lisa, I know right? All her recipes are amazing and so creative, and she shared that awesome coupon code too!
    @Jaimie, thanks you too girl!
    @Future, I know I thought they were a little pricey too : ( but pretty to look at!

  7. Anonymous2/14/2011

    I have a gold locket similar to the one you pictured (without the stones). Quite "vintage" - I got it in the eighth grade - (How old does it need to be to qualify for vintage?? he he) Julie liked it and has it now. Kathy

  8. I'm thinkin' Etsy ought to pay you some sort of commission for locating all those incredible items! Or maybe you should go to work for a catalog company......



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