Monday, March 28, 2011

An Accidental Trio

Happy Monday ladies! Here's a little tip to start your day off right... if you haven't seen Maria from The Grower's Daughter's living/dining room makeover, please go take a peek. It will be the highlight of your day, trust me!

As promised, I wanted to show you what I found at the antiques mall and TJ Maxx last weekend. I sort of stumbled on a little trio of things... wire waste baskets to be exact.

The large vintage one is perfection! A basket like that has been on my "buy upon site" list for a while, but I've never seen them for under $50 and I just didn't want to pay that much. This one was very well priced so I scooped it right up. It will most likely reside in our entry or living room as sort of a sculptural piece, instead of as a true waste basket.

The medium sized basket is from TJ Maxx and i love the lines of it and the scalloped top. It does have a rosette on one side, which is a little too "sweet and shabby" for my taste, but I'll try to take it off. I plan to paint the whole thing a French gray and use it as the waste basket in our master bedroom.

The smaller mesh trashcan is from ... wait for it ... the Dollar Tree. Yup! One dolla for this cutie. It will also receive a frenchy gray treatment and live in a bathroom.

I truly didn't mean to buy three wire trashcans in one day, they just sorta found me. An accidental trio! : )

I also found this beautiful linen throw pillow with vintage graphics at TJ Maxx for just $10. I've seen many like it for much more at several boutiques. Gotta love the Maxx!

The little gray clay pots stole my heart. They were from a cute white-inspired booth at the antiques mall. Unfortunately, everything in the booth was waaay overpriced except the pots. I loved their weathered, soft look.

There you have it! My weekend finds! Have you stumbled across anything fun lately?

{live beautifully}

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  1. Anonymous3/28/2011

    Love your posts! :) And perhaps I was sitting next to you when you wrote this one? ;) xoxox Love you!

  2. Anonymous3/28/2011

    Oh my goodness love everything you found. The wire baskets are gorgeous and the fact that each one is a little different is even better. The pillow is of course perfect, and I'm loving the pots. Rustic beauty. I would have chosen exactly the same things. Love them!


  3. Good finds, don't you love it when things you love "find" you??? ;-)

  4. Beautiful finds! I am really starting to love TJ Maxx, they have been getting some great things in lately. :)

  5. Hi Courtney, found you via Sarah's Goodlife your style. I firmly believe that 'stuff' finds you...because sometimes you do literally trip over great finds. I really love the cushion...I have just bought similar at H & M in London...really great value! I'm off to read more of your posts. Robx


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