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  1. Omg, omg, omg omg!


    Umm, hunny, I love everything you picked! I want that yellow top (duh) and that onesie suit is so cute! Fill me in – pay day is Friday! 😉

    Love you bestie!

  2. You're the second person who's posted some of Old Navy's cute new clothes. I have GOT to get myself to Old Navy-stat! It's a cute clothes shopping emergency!

  3. Those are great finds at ON. I haven't shopped there in years, but maybe I ought to check them out! 😉 Your honeymoon destination looks to die for! You don't know how badly I need a place like that right now…..the past two weeks have been nothing but rain, rain, rain here!

  4. It's all too wonderful for words! You are going to have SO much fun AND look SO beautimous (like always)!

    Love you!

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