Thursday, March 17, 2011


Mornin' ladies! How are we all? Thanks for your sweet words on my eventual business venture. You guys are too kind! For those of you who didn't know, I'm a communications professional who does a lot of graphic design. But fun, girly things like that are not what I usually get to do so it was sooo fun to design my logo/business card!

Anyway, we're three months out from the wedding today, and I'm already dreaming of the island beaches where we'll be honeymooning. It'll be gorgeous! I can't wait to lounge on the beach all day, big floppy straw hat on my head, pina colada in hand, sun tan lotion on my shoulders and {hot, shirtless} fiance by my side! I can't wait!

Yes, this really is where we're honeymooning. Heaven on earth, right?

I've been looking forward to buying a few new pieces for the trip that are perfectly beachy and summery. On my wish list...

* billowy, cottony sundresses
* big floppy straw hat (mine got eaten by a dog last summer...yikes!)
* fabulous aviators (my daddy's an eye doc so those will be free! hoorah!)
* new sandals
* cutest bikini in the whole wide world
* light, flowy, summery tops
* crisp white and khaki shorts

I was browsing the Old Navy web site and looks like their spring/summer line delivers. Let's see what I'll be packing my bags with, shall we?

A slouchy casual outfit to throw on for breakfast on the porch.

Beachy formalware?

Hello little grey and white striped swim suit! Day by the pool? Yes please!

for a casual afternoon browsing in the shops, a maxi dress and nautical pearls.

Comfy and cool (PS- I have these shoes from last year and they're fabulous! My fave flea marketing shoes!)


For the plane. I'm drooling over this top!

I'll take one of everything please! What will you be sporting this summer?

{live beautifully}


  1. Anonymous3/17/2011

    Omg, omg, omg omg!


    Umm, hunny, I love everything you picked! I want that yellow top (duh) and that onesie suit is so cute! Fill me in - pay day is Friday! ;)

    Love you bestie!

  2. You're the second person who's posted some of Old Navy's cute new clothes. I have GOT to get myself to Old Navy-stat! It's a cute clothes shopping emergency!

  3. Those are great finds at ON. I haven't shopped there in years, but maybe I ought to check them out! ;-) Your honeymoon destination looks to die for! You don't know how badly I need a place like that right now.....the past two weeks have been nothing but rain, rain, rain here!

  4. It's all too wonderful for words! You are going to have SO much fun AND look SO beautimous (like always)!

    Love you!


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