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  1. love this courtney! i love that song too… my husband actually introduced it to me! marriage is amazing…and hard. it's a blessing and everyday is a new opportunity to love and serve outside of your own strength. may the Lord bless you two…i know He will 🙂

  2. My dearest girl……
    When you begin with that attitude, you are certain to survive all the storms that life will throw your way!

    I will always be praying for you along the way! I'm so proud of both of you!


  3. Dearest Friend, I loved this post! Such a good reminder that is always needed. I remember right before our wedding the words came out of my mouth in a prayer "Teach me to be what he needs". It was not by my own power that I even knew or thought to say those words. God brought them to my heart and I pray them everyday. Its a learning process. I'm so excited for you!

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