Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sneak Peek

Hello! I know I have been away for so long! The wedding is just over three weeks away and I have been so busy with everything. Plus I've been terribly sick for about a week, including having laryngitis on a day when I had a dress fitting, trial hair appointment for the big day AND a wedding shower. Talk about an inopportune time not to be able to speak! : ) Luckily I'm getting better and things are in full swing for the wedding!

We moved most of our things into our new apartment last week. I probably won't blog much til after we're back from the honeymoon but boy do I have big plans for that little place. I thought I'd at least share this quick, very unfinished glimpse with you of our new home. There's much more to come, I promise!

{live beautifully}
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