Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Bedroom...Kinda Sorta

Hello lovely friends! How are all of you? I've been off to Dallas on a business trip almost all week, so it's good to be back home with my husband and getting things done around the house.

I have just been dying to share our bedroom with you, even though it isn't even close to being done. There's nothing hung on the walls, a major piece of furniture (my dressing table) is missing and there's still some moving junk here and there. But I just couldn't stand it anymore with the sunlight streaming through the windows today, and I snapped a few shots to share with you. Please be kind and realize it's only half done : )

I love how soft and airy everything has turned out. Please excuse the raw wood table to the right...I've been searching high and low for a table cloth to go over it and it seems they don't really make those small circle accent table cloths anymore. I guess I'll just throw a piece of white cloth from the fabric store over it and call it good : )

I've had the white bedroom set since I was a little girl. It used to be aqua but my mom painted it white when I was about 12. I'm so glad she did : ) Our bed is new from Haverty's and we of course got an amazing deal on it! I found the lamps on clearance last winter at Target. $6 each!

I love the antique brass doorknobs in our home. They're perfect against the white wood.

Our bedding is from Target, and the ruffled throw is from Bed Bath and Beyond. The window sheers are also from Target (are you catching a theme??) and I think I'm going to buy one or two more so they go all the way across the window instead of just flanking it. Don't you think that would look better? Plus the sheers are only 5 bucks, so it's an easy statement piece.

I really love our white wicker hamper from Bed Bath and Beyond (and yes, we had a ton of gift cards to there and Target from the wedding so everything is from there : )

The small gray flower pillow is one of our ring bearer pillows from our wedding. My absolutely incredible Aunt Kathy HAND MADE these gorgeous chiffon flowers and the pillows just for me. She also embroidered our name and wedding date on the back. I can't get over how perfect they are (I had two ring bearers so I have two pillows). I know I will have them and love them for the rest of my life. Thanks Aunt Kathy!!!

Well there you have it, our partially-done master bedroom. Stay tuned for the full reveal once all the decorations are complete! Anything you would add or change? I'd love to hear your feedback!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cafe Au Lait Bowls and More

Happy Friday, friends! I've been very blessed to not have to work much on Fridays this summer, which means some serious free-time I'm not used to. Today I got to go to lunch with my hubby, hit up Williams-Sonoma with gift cards we had, go antiquing and take a few pics for the blog. Next up, pedicures for my sister's birthday! What more could a girl ask for?!

Well, I knew for my trip to Williams-Sonoma I must definitely pick up some white cafe au lait bowls. I've been wanting some forever and ever, because they're gorgeous and useful at the same time (my fave combo).

Plus, we really need cereal bowls, as the ones that came with our dish sets are really shallow and just not quite right for most things you would eat from a bowl.

Annnyway, I picked up 8 lovely little au laits and am having so much fun with them in my kitchen. I know we'll use them daily for years and years to come.

I also popped in one of my favorite local vintage/antiques shops and found this awesomely chippy door for only $28!

I've been looking for something like this to add some height and interest to our tiny living room, and this fit the bill perfectly, for a very reasonable price. It desperately needs to be sealed to keep the paint from flaking, but for now it's just fine leaning against the wall. (Sorry for the not-so-pretty pictures, but our living room isn't quite photo-worthy yet. Hopefully that's coming soon!)

And one more thing ... after months of forcing myself to stay away from Pinterest in the interest of good wedding planning time management, I've finally started pinning! You can follow me here if you'd like. And just like everyone says ... I'm addicted : )

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the sunshine!

{live beautifully}

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Favorite Things: Summer Edition

Happy Tuesday friends! Thank you all for your kind comments on the shots of our home. It keeps me going to hear your sweet words, even when I feel completely overwhelmed by seemingly endless boxes of "stuff." We'll get unpacked someday, right??!

Anyway, I wanted to share some things I've been loving this summer that help me beat the heat and stay looking and feeling fresh instead of totally wilty (it's been over 100 degrees here every day for weeks!).

Favorite Things: Summer Edition

1. Stripey Straws
For sipping sweet iced tea on our balcony.

2. Vintage Lace Tunic
This top is so airy and light that I can feel cool and comfortable while still looking put together (and it helps me resist my urge to throw on sport shots and tank tops every day : ) From Forever21.

3. OPI Passion Nail Lacquer
My go-to color has always been Sweetheart, but I'm loving the Passion shade this summer because it's still soft, but has more of a coral undertone instead of a white/ballet pink undertone. Love it for a subtle drop of color!

4. Aviators
A must in the summer sunshine. I may or may not have had a sunburn in the shape of these babies all raccoon style on my face...

5. Country Chic by Bath and Body Works
I'm OBSESSED with this scent! Love it!! I smooth the lotion on before bed and spritz with the body mist before heading out the door to keep things light and fresh.

6. Cotton Stripe Pouch
Perfect to throw things in for the beach, or to use as a small clutch while running around in the summer heat. The fabric is gorgeous, and matches my beach tote. Both are from Aerie.

7. Metallic Flip Flops
These are the comfiest flip flops, and aren't too slouchy. I feel like I look at least a little polished while wearing summer's favorite shoe. From Gap.

8. Tocca Brigitte Perfume
This is the perfume I wore on my wedding day. I'm a hard sell as far as perfume goes, but this scent is beautiful.

There you have it, just a few things that are making me happy and keeping me fresh this summer. How are you beating the heat?

{live beautifully}

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm Back! And Views from Our House

Hello friends!! Today marks the one month anniversary since our wedding on June 17, and let me tell you marriage has been complete bliss so far! We have been swamped with unpacking, organizing, writing thank you notes, taking trips and just learning to live together, so I'm thrilled to finally be back to blogging and share some snapshots from our home.

The wedding was gorgeous and everything I had hoped for, but I don't have pictures back yet so there will definitely be more to come on that when I do.

While my husband is in the other room watching the British Open, I thought I'd sneak away and take just a few photos of some of my favorite vignettes coming together throughout our house. The rooms aren't ready for "complete" shots yet, but there are a few cool spots developing here and there. Let's start in the "entryway."

Our apartment is at the top of a staircase, and this little hook rail hangs on the landing for coats and bags and such. The beach bag is the one I took on our honeymoon and is from my new favorite store, Aerie. They have the cutest clothes and accessories! My {very rumpled from traveling to Jamaica} straw hat is from Target.

When you enter the apartment you can go immediately into the kitchen, where you'll see our little "command central" on the wall adjoining the kitchen and the living room. A chalkboard for groceries and to-dos, and a mail slot (thanks Leah!) for bills and such hang conveniently, without taking up any valuable floor/counter space in our tiny apartment. (sneak peek of our living room in the background!)

Moving into the kitchen, I love having organized, useful things readily accessible. This little tray of goodies is right next to the stove so I can grab cooking utensils in a flash. I'll always love my antique scale. The gray stripey straws are left over from our wedding. (Sidenote...I really hate our backsplash and am dying to cover it up with beadboard or faux tin backing...maybe later!)

I took the door off one cabinet near the sink to display all our day-to-day items like plates and cups. I'm just itching to paint the inside of the cabinet white, but I have no idea if my landlord would care about that or not. Seems like a free improvement to me : )

I absolutely love our glasses from Williams-Sonoma!

Sipping coffee at our new table is one of my favorite pastimes. The linen placemat with embroidered monogram is from my favorite shop, Dandurand's.

The bathroom is probably the most complete room in the house, most likely because it's the smallest : ) Remember my $4 thrift store canisters? They're perfectly at home in our little glass-front cabinet.

My ever-growing soap collection lives in a footed white bowl under the window.

There you have it, a few views from our home! I hope you like it as there will be much more to come once things come together a little more.

{live beautifully}

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