Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm Back! And Views from Our House

Hello friends!! Today marks the one month anniversary since our wedding on June 17, and let me tell you marriage has been complete bliss so far! We have been swamped with unpacking, organizing, writing thank you notes, taking trips and just learning to live together, so I'm thrilled to finally be back to blogging and share some snapshots from our home.

The wedding was gorgeous and everything I had hoped for, but I don't have pictures back yet so there will definitely be more to come on that when I do.

While my husband is in the other room watching the British Open, I thought I'd sneak away and take just a few photos of some of my favorite vignettes coming together throughout our house. The rooms aren't ready for "complete" shots yet, but there are a few cool spots developing here and there. Let's start in the "entryway."

Our apartment is at the top of a staircase, and this little hook rail hangs on the landing for coats and bags and such. The beach bag is the one I took on our honeymoon and is from my new favorite store, Aerie. They have the cutest clothes and accessories! My {very rumpled from traveling to Jamaica} straw hat is from Target.

When you enter the apartment you can go immediately into the kitchen, where you'll see our little "command central" on the wall adjoining the kitchen and the living room. A chalkboard for groceries and to-dos, and a mail slot (thanks Leah!) for bills and such hang conveniently, without taking up any valuable floor/counter space in our tiny apartment. (sneak peek of our living room in the background!)

Moving into the kitchen, I love having organized, useful things readily accessible. This little tray of goodies is right next to the stove so I can grab cooking utensils in a flash. I'll always love my antique scale. The gray stripey straws are left over from our wedding. (Sidenote...I really hate our backsplash and am dying to cover it up with beadboard or faux tin backing...maybe later!)

I took the door off one cabinet near the sink to display all our day-to-day items like plates and cups. I'm just itching to paint the inside of the cabinet white, but I have no idea if my landlord would care about that or not. Seems like a free improvement to me : )

I absolutely love our glasses from Williams-Sonoma!

Sipping coffee at our new table is one of my favorite pastimes. The linen placemat with embroidered monogram is from my favorite shop, Dandurand's.

The bathroom is probably the most complete room in the house, most likely because it's the smallest : ) Remember my $4 thrift store canisters? They're perfectly at home in our little glass-front cabinet.

My ever-growing soap collection lives in a footed white bowl under the window.

There you have it, a few views from our home! I hope you like it as there will be much more to come once things come together a little more.

{live beautifully}

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  1. Your home is very pretty!

  2. congrats on getting married!!! your home is so beautiful.

  3. Congratulation on your one month wedding anniversary!! I can't wait to see your wedding photos. I'm sure you were a gorgeous bride! It was so fun to see little snap shots of your new home. It all looks wonderful!

  4. Wonderful and so you! You may want to buy wrapping paper or wallpaper, wrap it around cardboard cut to fit the size of your cabinet back wall. Easy in...easy out;)

  5. i love all the cute numbers around your house. they all make one cohesive theme! everything looks really great!

  6. First of all, congratulations and blessings to you both on your marriage, Courtney! :) I wish you all the best in your new journey together! ♥ Your apartment is just adorable, girl! You have already made it so cozy and inviting. I feel your pain about your backsplash. We have tile counters and backsplash and I can hardly wait to cover them up! :) Until then, tho - I did paint the tile backspash with wall paint after priming it. It's holding up well! Just an idea for ya!

    xoxo laurie

  7. Anonymous7/19/2011

    Where did you get all that talent?! Def. not from me! Love every bit of it!

  8. Congrats on your monthsary :) You have a beautiful place and staying tuned to see your wedding pics. Thanks for linking up to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.


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