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  1. It looks really beautiful! So light and lovely! I adore the ruffled throw at the end of your bed!

  2. Your bedroom looks so tranquil and peaceful. It's hard to believe that it's only "half" done.

  3. Its only half done and it looks so wonderful! Can't wait to see when it is all done. Love your bedding. Thanks so much for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays

  4. I love the white and grey.It gives a very peaceful atmosphere to your bedroom.

  5. I love the room! I especially love the bedding.. from Target! I hope they still have the comforter!
    Nice job! Susan

  6. Hi Courtney! You have a lovely blog here! I can see why you would want to post your beautiful bedroom. I think it's perfect while it's evolving!

  7. beautiful! the bedding is gorgeous! what is your wall color? very soothing..I am getting ready to give my daughter's bedroom a makeover and this is giving me some great ideas! hugs, cathy

  8. its beautiful. i really love it. i live in a speck house and everything was painted the same color white. it just looked soo speck house. i might be able to handle a gray white or a gray green but i don't know how to make whites work for me. you did a great job.

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