Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ready for Autumn: Top 10 Fall Projects

Hello friends! I don't know about you, but I am ready for autumn to be here! Fall is my very favorite time of year, and I can't wait til there's a chill in the air, leaves on the ground, and pumpkins to decorate. Unfortunately in Kansas, it stays pretty warm even through September. It's still in the upper 90s now, but I know fall will arrive soon!

I've already started a few projects so I can be ready to decorate in September. Pinterest was of course my biggest source of inspiration. Here are the projects I'm planning to do come September. My goal is to complete all 10 at some point. (follow the link below each picture for instructions on each of these projects.)

Top 10 Fall Projects

10. Pumpkin Urn

I think one of the easiest ways to decorate for fall is simply to place a pumpkin in an urn and surround it with Spanish moss. It would make a great centerpiece or mantle focal point.

9. Ichabod Pumpkin

I love decorating in black and white for Halloween. This Ichabod pumpkin is the perfect mix of classy and spooky. Now if I can just find an old top hat...

8. Lace Pumpkin

So easy! Just pop a white pumpkin in black lace stocking. Instant Halloween decor!

7. Wheat Wreath

Martha has an easy tutorial on how to make a wheat wreath. I also love the version in the second picture from A Country Farmhouse.

6. Halloween Banner

I think the use of newspaper for Halloween crafts is brilliant! I only wish I had a chippy white piano to display it on : )

5. Burlap Monogram

This project seems so easy, and it could be used year-round.

4. Doily Pumpkin

All you need are pumpkins, paper doilies and spray paint and you have a pretty autumn accessory.

3. Book Page Pumpkin

This would add the perfect vintage touch for fall.

2. Glitter Pumpkin Candle Holders

These could be used in so many ways, including as part of a centerpiece for Thanksgiving. I love decorations that can be used across autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving looks.

1. Silhouette Pumpkins

This is my favorite autumn project and I'm so excited to try it! I think the look is gorgeous!

I hope I can get all these fun projects accomplished! Of course I'll share the finished results when I'm done!

So how about you? Do you wait each year for fall to come around, or do you hate to see summer go (like my husband)? Do you have any fall projects planned?

{live beautifully}

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Powder Room

Happy Monday! I spent the weekend relaxing with my hubby, doing lots of housework, and also attempting some new projects which I hope to show you soon. It was a great weekend! How about you??

Today I wanted to show you our powder room. {I think that name sounds so much more ladylike than bathroom don't you? haha} I of course kept things neutral in here, but I have been loving the beautiful color of soft aqua lately, and used that as my accent color. Take a look!

The room isn't large, obviously, but it works just fine for Matt and me.

I found the apothecary sign a while back at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $6! I also have a white one that says "groceries." I love them both, authentic looking or not : )

I think the pedestal sink is so beautiful. Although there is of course zero counter space.

Our solution was this glass door armoir from Target (purchased with wedding giftcards of course). I don't think the bathroom would be functional without it! It stores our toothbrushes, toothpaste, and all of the items we use daily.

I placed my old coffee table under the window. This thing had already seen better days when I bought it at a garage sale for $10. I never did refinish it, but I love the lines and details, and it works just fine in here to set our things on while we shower or get ready. I'd love to paint it white someday.

The white pedestal bowl sits under the window holding my collection of soap. Sometimes I wish lavender soap wasn't always purple : ) The green glass jar was a Home Goods find.

I love the beadboard and moulding used in this room. It's the only one in the house with those details.

Still in love with my $4 thrifted numbered canisters. And you may remember when I redid the little gray cabinet last winter. I always knew it would go perfectly in a powder room.

The glass soap dispenser is from Target. The gray willow basket is perfect for storing extra towels.

I hope you enjoyed the powder room tour! Have a wonderful Monday!

{live beautifully}

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Shelf Styling

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share with you an area I've been struggling with in decorating. Now, I consider myself to be a pretty good decorator. Not Martha Stewart or anything, but at least I have a good eye and can create a semi-cohesive room or nice vignette.

Enter my arch decor nemesis...shelving. I'm just not a fan. Never have been. I think long, squatty shelving often ends up looking like a dumping ground, a cluttered mess, or just a plain 'ol library. I think shelves, especially long ones without much height, can be some of the hardest things to decorate. And guess what I happen to have on the focal wall of my little parlor? Yep...shelves.

I've been fighting with them since we moved it. But today I decided it was time to tackle these mean old shelves and show them who was boss. So of course I started with a pin board for inspiration. Here are some images I pinned.

Here I love the use of stacked books to create separation and keep things uncluttered.

I love the use of all the shells. It keeps it cohesive. I'm still on the lookout for a reasonably priced sea fan!

Here I love that there are lots of accessories without looking cluttered. That's hard to achieve.

From the talented Lindsey at LLH Designs. The simple picture frames create height and interest in the back

And here's what I came up with.

There are two things to keep in mind here.
1. I used only what I had. I shopped my house and my storage and used accessories I had on hand.
2. I wanted to use many more vintage books. I have lots of them from our wedding centerpieces, but a friend is borrowing them right now for her own wedding. So eventually I think I'll be able to make things look a little neater with more stacks of books.

Here's the side of the room I didn't show in the parlor tour.

Verse art I made way back here before we were married.

Through this doorway is the kitchen. Remember the subway art I asked for for Christmas? My sweet in-laws got them for us : )

The vignettes above and below are my favorites. I love how dramatic one of our engagement picture looks in an oval frame.

Well, how did I do with the terrible long squatty shelves? I'd love to hear feedback, or if you have any excellent shelf-styling tips! Have a great weekend!

{live beautifully}

Monday, August 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

I couldn't resist these gorgeous, full pink roses in the grocery store today. We've been shopping at Aldi to cut grocery costs, and they always have roses next to the check out line for just $3.99. Last week I resisted some soft peach blooms, but this week I just needed some fresh flowers in my life. They look gorgeous in a mint julep cup from our wedding next to our bed, don't you think?

I really don't have much to share in this post. Ever have days like that? Today was a good day, not bad at all, just nothing to report. They say blogging in lists is one of the best ways to blog...maybe today's the day for that?

I made tacos for dinner... They were delish.

I want to do a "what I wore" blog series but I keep forgetting to take pics of myself haha.

Matt always cleans up the kitchen and does the dishes.

I'm so thankful for him.

I'm obsessed with Pinterest.

This week almost all our meals are ones I'm trying from Pinterest.

I started three blog projects this weekend...

All failed.

One will be completed, I just need some more ribbon and then I'll show you what I made, pinky promise

Don't mind my upsidedown friends in the photo frame above. New pics are to be added.

Did I mention I'm obsessed with Pinterest?

I've been doing my hair via tutorials from there every day.

Is that a weird thing to share? : )

Well, I have.

I'm sad summer's almost over, but so excited for the chill of autumn.

And pumpkins!

Love me some pumpkins!

How'd I do at the whole random-blogging-in-lists thing? Not quite A Beach Cottage is it haha!

See you next time!

{live beautifully}


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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Parlor

...ok, so it's really the living room. But I like to call it the parlor just for kicks and giggles : ) Our TV/hang out area is in the guest bedroom, so our living room is the area for pretty. It's my room. The girl room.

It also happens to be the smallest room in our already small apartment. The furniture barely fits. But that makes it very cozy. It's a good thing I like white, bright and airy or it could easily feel claustrophobic, but the white furniture keeps things open.

Candles: Kringle Candle Co. (always white no matter the scent...awesome!)
Lamp: TJ Maxx, Shade: Target

Lavender Topiary: TJ Maxx, Monogram: Anthropologie, Terrarium: Hobby Lobby, Lamp: Target, Shade: Walmart

I apologize for the quality of these pictures. We got a new camera as a wedding gift so my photos were finally not fuzzy...and then my purse was stolen, with the new camera inside, last week. That's a whole saga of its own. I'll spare you all the heartwrenching details, but suffice it to say that having your purse stolen with every identification, financial card, gift card, etc. that you own inside is a terrible ordeal. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy... except maybe the person who stole it, so they could see how utterly selfish it is.

Annnyway, back to happy things like decorating our living room : ) I was going for a white and linen theme. I used doses of linen on the lampshades, pillows and drapes to temper the bright white of the furniture. I love the soft, lived-in look this creates.

The white slip covers are from Target (online). I never worry about getting something on them because I can just throw them in the wash with some oxyclean whenever necessary.

I have to show you the "before" of the living room so you can get the full effect. It's a different house, but mostly the same furniture.



Coffee Table: JC Penney, Rug: Kohl's, Curtains: Bed Bath and Beyond (online)

See what a difference white slip covers/different accessories make! It's incredible! Ok, taking pictures during the day is also helpful : )

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the parlor!

{live beautifully}

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