Sunday, September 4, 2011

Featured Blog: The Gardener's Cottage

 Happy Labor Day Weekend, friends! What have you done with your time off? So far Matt and I have done lots and lots of relaxing. He watched football and baseball while I scoured Pinterest and cleaned and organized my closet (no small task). It's been a great long weekend so far!

Since the theme of holidays like Labor Day seems to be relaxation, today I want to introduce you to a blog that is truly relaxing to read. Janet is the author of The Gardener's Cottage, an incredibly lovely blog about her home and life. I discovered her blog a few weeks ago, and finally had time to sit down and explore last week. It was one of those blogs you just can't quit reading til you've reached the last post. Janet has a way of living simply and beautifully. She's the kind of person who dries her laundry on the line, creates gourmet dishes from scratch, tends to roses each day, and always looks chic and classic. Her blog is truly a breath of fresh air.

Janet lives in a small cottage that she has renovated. It may be small in square footage, but oh the charm! She has decorated it so perfectly, and every detail is gorgeous.

The living/dining room are airy and open. Her use of white is grounded with pops of black, and the rooms are always elegant. Janet has impeccable taste!

I also love her kitchen. As a former caterer, she's an incredible chef. She shares many of her vegan recipes on her blog, and I'm always amazed at the healthy, beautiful gourmet meals she creates.

{white dishes and open shelving are always classic}

{this is her pantry... yes really. eating vegan means not much processed food. something I could certainly learn from!}

Her bedroom is also lovely. It doesn't feel small at all with a gorgeous gallery wall, white linens and a giant wardrobe.

Janet knows how to infuse personality into the smallest of spaces.

{even her little loo is well-decorated and simple}  


 {the tiny back entry she redid with beadboard and wallpaper}

{the small laundry room might be one of my favorite spaces}

 Janet also grows beautiful flowers, as her cottage truly was the gardener's home on a large estate. She has brought the many gardens around her home back to life.

 Don't those images just make you want to slow down and relax? Just head on over to The Gardener's Cottage and stay a while. You won't regret it!

{live beautifully}

P.S. Many thanks to Janet for letting me feature her today. All the photos in this post are hers, so please ask her before using them. Thanks!


  1. Thanks for the link and introduction, Courtney! I'm headed over to check out Janet's blog! Love the way she's styled her sweet home!

    xoxo laurie

  2. holy sweetness courtney!

    what a beautiful post about me and my cottage. i'm truly blushing. laurie, above came over and asked about becoming vegan which is just the most amazing thing. if one becomes vegan it is estimated that that person alone will save 100 animals from slaughter every year. also becoming vegan is the single most positive impact one can make on the environment. and that includes giving up your car and not flying. isn't that amazing?! so i thank you from the bottom of my heart. you are so kind. xo janet

  3. oh yes, love that know what I love about her house and really caught my eye, is the wall of pictures in the bedroom. Floor to ceiling, LOVE that look, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love Janet's home! She's created the perfect, calming, beautiful haven. I'm off to visit her right now, also looking for some Vegan recipes, thank you for introducing her and her blog. xo Lidy

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