Monday, October 3, 2011

Hallway Help

I could use a little help. You see, the hallway I showed you the other day is a seriously boring spot in my house.

See what I mean?

I mean, my free artwork is awesome, but then there's the whole completely long blank wall thing going on around it, with no floor space for a table or anything. And our apartment is so small that that one blank wall is a big chunk of real estate. Here's what I'm thinking to pretty up a dead space. I have several options:

Wallcovering Options
1. Fabric

Cabbages and Roses fabric covered wall

Yep, you can put fabric right on your walls and peel it right off when you need to with this method. Great for rentals!
Pros: Looks fab, Cabbages and Roses now sells to the US, would add lots of soft personality to a taupe-painted rental
Cons: That's a long hallway. It might be a bit pricey to cover the whole thing.

2. Chalkboard

Yep, they make adhesive chalkboard paper that comes off cleanly. Another great option for rentals.
Pros: I love chalkboards!
Cons: That's a big a** chalkboard! Do I like chalkboards that much?

3. Antique Ephemera

Mmmm vintage book pages, vintage sheet music, the possibilities are endless!
Pros: Awesome, vintage vibe
Cons: I could be too lazy to sticky tack hundreds of book pages to a 10 foot wall.

Decor Options
1. Lots O' Mirros

Oh how elegant this would look in our little hallway!
Pros: Gorgeousness!
Cons: $$$$$$$!!!!!

2. Embroidery Hoops

I think this adds so much texture and interest to a wall. I'd definitely use some vintage-inspired fabric, hopefully Cabbages and Roses.
Pros: Adorable!
Cons: Too busy?

3. Shelf with Hooks

I think this is really the direction I'd like to go. It provides interest, storage space and display space without taking up floor space.
Pros: Perfection!!
Cons: None???

Here are my two options for shelves:


$54 ($43 with coupon)

So I think the general theme is I need a cheap, easy way to fill this space. I'm thinking my best option is probably book pages with the cheaper shelf. If I wanted to spend a little more, I'd go for fabric + shelf. But what do you think? I'd love your vote on what I should do from the options above, or even some ideas I hadn't thought of. How would YOU decorate this long, boring hallway? I'd love to hear your thoughts...ok I NEED to hear your thoughts! I definitely need some hallway help!

{live beautifully}

PS- If you know of any other awesome vintage-y shelf/hook combos, send 'em my way!


  1. Anonymous10/03/2011


    1) The shelf with hooks! Mirror idea was pretty, but i think I would get freaked out!Every time I saw my reflection I would think someon was in my house!

    2) "Big a**"

    3) I just peed my pants from laughter!

  2. I love the shelf with hooks the best. I can't wait to see what you decide!


  3. chakrabrat10/03/2011

    are you allowed to paint the walls(the tan is making it feel extra bland, i think, & most landlords are ok with lighter &/or neutral colors, in my experience)? i would lighten the hall color, & do something (paint a nice, slightly stronger or whiter color?!) with that spot w/the pictures on it, to make it a focal-point. leave your pictures, they are lovely! add a shelf with hooks to it, maybe some burlap or canvas feed bags, etc. whatever tchotchkes you like.
    **just a suggestion, this kind of thing isn't for everyone, butttt, i would refrain from purchasing a shelf that is already shabbified; instead, get a cheap, beat-up one at a 2nd-hand furniture store or flea market or etc & try out the joys of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
    because you get exactly what you want & it is cheaper in the long run. also, you will LOVE this paint, if you like doing these kinds of things. it allowed me soooo much flexibility in my home. :D

  4. chakrabrat10/03/2011

    & sorry i didnt mean to sound like an ad about that paint, it just ttly kicks A**!!!

  5. I like the antique ephemera, looks good with everything and hard to get bored with it. I like the same hooks as you do. They will always look just right if your walls change or stay the same.

  6. Lovely options but I would choose the wall of mirrors. It might draw some light there and they could always be repurposed if you move. Paint can make over any mirror found at a thrift store and you could mix it up with small empty frames too. The collection could easily grow too. You could also do a vintage hook board with mirrors surrounding it.


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