Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Little Color

If you were to walk in my house, or look at most of the pictures on my blog, you might think I don't like color. This isn't true at all. I actually love color, but find white and neutrals more soothing and easier for the eye to take in. I appreciate color in other people's homes or when used creatively. It's just not what I naturally gravitate towards for my personal style.

Sometimes though, I do need just a hint of soft color. This corner of our all-white bedroom was crying out for some subtle color and texture.

I just added a soft pink gown on a vintage wood hanger, paired with my favorite scarf and locket. {scarf from Aerie}

Just a little dose of color that's still easy on the eyes.

{live beautifully}


  1. Very pretty. I have TOO MUCH color in my home and am trying to switch over to the much more appealing whites. I love the pale blue of the scarf with the white of the gown.


  2. The touch of pastel color and the shine of the locket are the perfect touch to gently "pop" your room.


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