Friday, November 11, 2011

Country Girls

Well friends, I've been a bad blogger and haven't blogged in more than a week! I usually write all my posts on the weekend, since that's when I'm at home when it's light out so I can do projects/photograph. But last weekend I got to head out to the country (like, really, the country) to visit one of my oldest/dearest friends, Paige. So please excuse my lack of posts, but I was busy having some serious girl time and learning all about life in a small town.

 {mini apple cobbler}

Megan, Paige, Sarah and I have been friends since kindergarten. I know, right?! That never happens! But we always have been and I'd like to say we always will be! Paige and her husband moved to the teeny tiny town of Osborne, Kansas, about three hours away from Wichita (or any civilization for that matter : ).

We spent the weekend catching up, talking about memories, weddings, married life and kids (someday!). We cooked and baked and snacked and ate. We took it slow, explored the Dollar General, visited the local coffee shop about 8 times, downed a few bottles of wine, and all around enjoyed the weekend. It was glorious! There are no distractions in the country. Just relaxation and time spent with friends.

Paige has an adorable little house that was built in the 40s, but remodeled a few years ago. She has awesome taste that's current and clean with a touch of vintage. All the photos in this post are of her cute little cottage.

Megan and Sarah taught us how to make the world's best cinnamon rolls. We made P-Dub's corn chowder, and I bought about 4 magazines to browse through on our lazy Saturday. Plus we found an old box of notes and pictures from high school. In one Sarah had written to Paige, "I can't believe in two years we'll all be going to college at different places. I hope we all stay friends." We realized that note was written 10 years ago.

So girls, here's to another decade of friendship! I love you all dearly! And Paige, I wouldn't have traded Osborne for all the shopping in the world : )


  1. I love your blog.....Sounds like you had a great time with your longtime friends.....I am a new follower of your blog.

  2. Anonymous11/11/2011

    Yay!! I love you too! Such a fun weekend - Great photos! :)

  3. I love the memories we made just as much as I love all of you! Thank you so much for coming to see me! Love you picture

  4. OK, so I guess it's the mom in me, but it brought a tear to my eye when you mentioned the note from Sarah being 10 YEARS!!! ago! WOW! Time flies! Glad you guys had so much fun, and I think I'm just as thankful that you have these sweet friends as you are!

    Love you girls!
    ~~ Mom

  5. Anonymous11/12/2011

    You are so lucky to have such good, long time friends. Treasure them and always hold them close. Never let distance be the thing that divides your friendship. Later on in life, these friends will mean even more to you than they do now. Stay close and enjoy life and wait see.

  6. Susan Lear11/13/2011

    From someone who knew you were amazing and special in Kindergarten, I love it that God has kept you together, not just in "space", but in heart!!! Thinking of each of you with a smile:) and a heart full of love and admiration. You are the very BEST!!


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