Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Christmas Tree and DIY Ornaments

Hello friends! Today I want to share our Christmas tree with you and also how I created some vintage-inspired ornaments.

I was really happy with how our tree turned out. Shame on me though, because I used to have this exact faux Christmas tree (from Target) and got rid of it when I was purging things before we were married, thinking we'd buy a big, full tree. I should have known our first place would be small, because I ended up purchasing the same slim 6-foot tree I had before. Lesson learned : )

I wrapped the tree in burlap ribbon, which I already had on hand.

Most of the ornaments I already had and probably came from Target and Hobby Lobby.

I was so thrilled to find this mercury glass tree topper at JoAnn's for $7! It was perfect!

The silhouette ornaments and the vintage paper bundles are the ones I made myself. Want to know how I did it?

 DIY Vintage Christmas Ornaments

To create the vintage silhouettes, you will need:
- Picture frame ornaments (mine were raw wood ones from the Hobby Lobby Christmas craft section, and cost 75 cents each on sale)
- Black craft paint and a brush
- Silhouettes you'd like to use (I grabbed mine from Google images, but you could also create ones of your family members. Here is a tutorial)
- Vintage backgrounds (I downloaded vintage ephemera from vintageprintable.com)
- Twine for hanging (my ornaments came with ugly red and green string tied through them)

This craft couldn't be easier! Simply print out your background, then print out your silhouette and cut it out. Or, I put mine together in Photoshop and printed the whole shebang so I wouldn't have to trim the tiny silhouettes. Then, paint your photo frames black and allow to dry. Trace the print outs with the backing of the photo frame, place inside and tie with twine. An easy (and cheap!) vintage Christmas ornament!

DIY Vintage Christmas Bundles
If you thought the ornaments were easy, try these vintage ephemera bundles. I just printed old documents from vintageprintable.com, cut the remaining paper off so only the document remained, then rolled them up and taped them. I tied them in bundles of three with twine and ribbon. They are the perfect Christmas accessory! I have them on the tree, in vignettes and even in our Christmas bedroom decor. This would also be great with vintage Christmas music.

 Of course the best part of a Christmas tree is the glow at night. There's just nothing like it!

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  1. Courtney:

    Your tree is gorgeous with the mercury glass and other ornaments....Especially love it with the photo when it is lit up.

  2. this is truly beautiful!! Sorry you had to purchase another tree, but atleast you know you'll be keeping this one around!

  3. Il tuo albero è bellissimo con queste decorazioni...e poi amo questa tela,credo che anch'io la metterò sul mio albero:)
    Un abbraccio

  4. I just love the ornaments that you made! Everything looks beautiful, thank you for the tutorial! t.xoxox

  5. I just became one of your newest followers and I am SO looking forward to going through your archives. LOVE your style and taste!

  6. Anonymous11/30/2011

    You're so crafty, Miss DIY!

  7. I love it. I can’t wait to get ours up! Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your tree? I’m on the hunt for a tall skinny one . :)

    Gretta Hewson
    Great Spiritual Healing


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