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  1. Oh Courtney,
    I am so excited for you!!! And you got some amazing things for Christmas! I wish you the best of luck with your shop !
    Have a great night and Happy New Year!

  2. Amazing news Courtney! So happy for you, I'm sure you are completely deserving of all the good things that have come your way 🙂 xo Kirsty

  3. God is so good. I am so happy for you! It is so wonderful that you are able to get things going now so you are ready when you want to have children and can spend as much time as possible with them. I love my canon rebel and I keep eyeing those Jeanne Oliver bags, yours is a real beauty!

    I just love answered prayer stories.


  4. Oh Courtney, you have been blessed, in more ways than one! Congratulations on all of your new ventures and lucky you for all your new goodies.

  5. The best to you this new year, and the gifts are beautiful. I too am looking to get a new camera, it really makes a difference when you can work with a great camera:)

    Love all that you have been gifted, you were truly blessed this Christmas.
    Blessings through him.

  6. Well Courtney, That is Fantastic! Sounds like you will have a wonderful new year!! I soooo appreciate the fact that you give God the glory! God is good all the time!!

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