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  1. Courtney. I already have you as a follower, however I am having problems with Blogger. Hopefully you got my message that I am having a cute burlap handbag giveaway. Hop on over if you are intetested in entering. My followers are not showing up either and some bloggers are not able to follow me. Your bedroom decor is so beautiful. Love the greens and lights on iron bed…..beautiful!!!!!

  2. Oh Courtney….what a restful, serene room! You did an awesome job with it! I love the simplicity and naturalness of it all! 🙂 What a beautiful way to drift off to dreamland….

    xoxo laurie

  3. Hi Courtney! Just visiting from a Beach Cottage's Good Life Wednesday! What a lovely blog you have and your christmassy bedroom look amazing too. I'm your newest follower! So pleased to have found you 🙂 x K

  4. Your room is beautiful, I wasn't going to decorate my bedroom this year, but now I might, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hi Courtney, just beautiful. I'm decorating our bedroom too, we live in an old farmhouse, and I'm having fun decorating little areas of the house. I love the bench and trees, and the glittery letters on the mirror. Great idea! Your home is lovely. Great post.
    I'm your newest follower.
    Come by!

  6. Coming over from Farmhouse Friday to visit! & oh, my! what a beautiful and calming room. off to peek at more of your blog – i don't believe ive been here before! xoox, tracie

  7. It's so beautiful….soft and serene. I can only imagine how pretty it is in the evening. I used to always put a small lit tree in the master bedroom and always wanted to keep the soft glow of the bitty rice lights on all night by Bobby G. was having none of that. humph!

  8. Elegant. Chic. Warm. Cozy. Serene….
    I would never want to leave, Courtney. It's utterly beautiful. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you!

    xoxo laurie

  9. Thanks for sharing your Christmas bedroom decor. I came from the home tour… Love the bench by your side of the bed, and since our room is set up like yours I plan to incorporate that idea into our home. Thanks for the inspiration. You're room is beautiful.

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