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  1. I have a couple of special tea towels, as well. I have one that comes out especially for celebrations, as it's a perfectly washed and embroidered family heirloom. When it's laid out on the tea cart, you know there's a party brewing in this little house! I also take my milk with a little coffee… I like the coffee super strong, almost espresso, then properly sugared, spiced, and diluted with milk or cream. Love your pics, and I'm so glad your husband has the good sense to "pick out" such lovely gifts 😉

  2. Yeah I love the Antho tea towels also….I have a really wonderful coffee cake recipe on my blog if you wish to visit!


  3. so cute! love the towel and the lavender! coffee is a must for me in the morning…im like you, i need lots of creamer and sweetener!

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