Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Alabaster Lamp

Do you have a few items that are always on your list to look for? Especially those things you would love to own but they're just a bit too expensive or too hard to find to become yours? Well, one such item for me was an alabaster lamp. I have adored them forever, but their $90+ price tag always stopped me. It's not that that's exorbitant, I just have a hard time spending that much on one item, even if I know it's worth it. My frugal ways don't leave easily.

I've admired these gorgeous lamps at one of my favorite local antique shops many times. Trina from A Country Farmhouse even wrote a beautiful post on them that made me want one even worse. But I knew I'd have to wait for a bargain.

Well, I was at the flea market a few weeks ago and spotted this alabaster beauty in one of the booths. I was on a strict budget and pretty much only buying for the shop, not for me. But when I saw the lamp I just about knocked a lady over trying to get over to see its price (yes, I am a competitive shopper). It was $65. A good price, but what's the fun of a flea market if you can't haggle a little. After some bargaining, we finally met at $35 and I was sold!

I knew I wanted something clean but with delicate detailing for the shade. Not too sweet, but not too plain. I found this shade at Target.com for only $24. I love that the pin tucks match our kissing pleat bedding.

Also, now that this lamp sits atop my vanity, I have no idea how I did my make up without the extra light.

Next on the list...another alabaster lamp! I feel a collection coming on!

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  1. Anonymous2/07/2012

    Hi Courtney,
    Love your lamp, and what a fabulous price!
    I have a 5 alabaster lamps and I have never paid over $30.00 for them which is quite rare because they are super expensive.
    Love your photos, they are just beautiful.
    Hope you have a great day.

  2. Your lamp is beautiful and what a great deal!

  3. The lamp is beautiful. The detail is lovely. Your vanity area is so pretty too. An alabaster lamp wasn't even on my radar but now, I want one. ;)

  4. I saw my first alabaster lamp on someone's blog a while ago and knew that I would have one someday. Last year at the flea, my dream came true and I nabbed one for $50. I love the cool, smooth weight of it and the gray marbling throughout it. Yours is just beautiful - and I love that shade! :) Yup....one is not enough.

    xoxo laurie

  5. Your lamp is STELLAR! I love it. Will you write a tutorial on "haggling"? :0)

  6. Anonymous2/08/2012

    Hi Courtney,

    I think your lamp is really pretty. Your bedroom is really pretty. And I love the color of grey that you have on your walls. It is a nice neutral grey. I want to paint my bedroom a color like this, and most of the paint samples I have are too blue. Could you please let me know what color your walls are painted? I would really appreciate your help.

  7. This lamp isn't modest, however you can get it at a very decent markdown of $164. This is $85 off of the rundown cost. Not a terrible cost for one of the most perfect lamps I have ever observed. https://www.insignis.ro/corpuri-de-iluminat/


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