Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Bridal Shower

One of my greatest joys is being able to honor and celebrate my friends as they get engaged, married and have babies. Being 24, I'm right in the middle of the marriage/baby season of life, so I get the privilege of hosting showers and parties often. One of my dearest friends is getting married in May and I had the honor of throwing her a "personal" shower a few weeks ago.

{the bride, Miss Sarah}

Sarah is a really special person I wish you could all meet. She is the epitome of style, grace and class. I think she could even give Audrey Hepburn a run for her money in the elegance department : ) She's always dressed gorgeously, and is one of the prettiest girls you'll ever meet. Her personality is soft, quiet, sweet and charming. She's one of those friends you count among your richest blessings.

To throw a shower for a girl like this is no small task. I wanted it to fit her personality and style, and be something she would truly enjoy and treasure. I also wanted it to be coral. Not pink : ) Her wedding colors are coral, peaches, pinks and gray, so I wanted to carry that theme through to the shower as well. I didn't want it to end up looking like a pastel baby shower or a hot pink bachelorette though...coral was the name of the game! I created a pinterest board for some inspiration, which you can see here.

We celebrated in style at a local restaurant, Ya Ya's, in their private party room. This was a great backdrop to a fun evening with friends, delicious foods and drinks, and lots of laughter.

{Paige "helping" me get ready for the shower...aka enjoying a nice glass of wine!}

Our other dear friend Paige {you can read all about her and see her house here} helped me pull off the evening and it was a huge success!

The table centerpieces were simple bouquets of white hydrangeas, coral roses and coral astramaris, placed in silver mint julep cups.

Everyone had a gray stripe straw and a coral drink flag at their place, to add a festive pop of color.

One thing I had a terrible time finding was coral tissue paper to make the paper poms with. Those did end up being pink because I searched high and low for coral tissue paper with no luck. I don't think she minded though : )

The star of the show was the coral cupcakes with flower icing and pearl accents. 

One of my other good friends Karis has a bakery out of her home, Genschies, and produces the most amazing baked goods ever! 

Can you even believe how stunning those cupcakes are?! They don't even look real! And they were just as delicious as they were beautiful!

She also did red velvet cake balls (the bride's favorite dessert) in shades of white and coral.

{the hostesses...not my favorite photo of myself, but it's the only one we got!}

{lovely bride}

{she has a sassy side, trust me!}

We had so much fun together that evening! The food was delicious and I think we all laughed til our sides hurt. Sarah got beautiful gifts...none of which I can show you here ; )

All the partiers celebrating a fun evening and honoring a beautiful friend!

And just for fun, here's a picture of all Sarah's bridesmaids at another shower the next day. What a fun group of girls!

Sarah, we can't wait until your big day on May 12! We wish you and Nate every bit of happiness in your life together! Love you, friend!

{live beautifully}


  1. LOVE the coral cupcakes! I am doing those cupcakes on a shanty chic DIY cupcake stand! love love LOVE the cupcakes! Thank you!!

  2. Everything is beautiful. Where did you get the cupcake stand for those cupcakes?

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