Monday, May 28, 2012

Sparks Finds

Happy Memorial Day friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing day off. Matt and I are spending ours at the pool and grilling with family. 

I've incorporated a few of my finds from the Sparks Flea Market into my living room display. I wanted the mantel to be fresh and white and clean for summer. 

I love finding these little green garden cloches. I don't find them often so when I do I snap them up.

Both of these pitchers came from Sparks. The large one is not something I've seen before. It is ironstone with a traditional marking on the bottom, but I've never seen a floral motif on a piece of ironstone before. I thought it was so pretty and unique and had to bring it home with me.

That tattered Jane Eyre book was $1. My mom and I both love Jane Eyre, and I loved the gray color of the book.

This chippy tin tile sold on etsy, and I was definitely sad to see it go! Such pretty detailing and chippy white/gray paint.

I got this ironstone chamber pot at Sparks for just $7 and filled it with greenery on our side table.

My beloved marmalade jar sits atop a stack of ironstone dishes.

Those are most of the things I got at Sparks (that didn't go to the shop). I did keep a lot more than I usually do from any buying trip, so I'm sure they'll migrate to etsy or the shop eventually.

Have you been incorporating flea market finds into your decor lately?

{live beautifully}

The Lettered Cottage

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Show Us Your Shoppe Party

Good morning! Today I'm linking up with Jenn Rizzo for her Show Us Your Shoppe party. If you're a current reader you probably know about my vintage decor business, A Prairie Market, and if you're new here, allow me to tell you about it!

I specialize in unique vintage goods for the cottage and farmhouse. Some of my favorite kinds of items are ironstone, whitework linens, wire baskets, flax tea towels, tarnished silver, flower frogs and so much more.

Currently my items are for sale in my Etsy shop, and I also am a part of a local vintage/handmade boutique called The Cottage Collective.

In the etsy shop you'll find what I call lovely small accent and detail pieces. Old pitchers, small baskets, linens and small decorative items are what I carry online so they're easy to ship right to your doorstep.

If you're looking for a bit of vintage farmhouse charm, you have come to the right place!

At The Cottage, I carry similar pieces but often on a larger scale. The Cottage is made up of seven local vendors, each specializing in either vintage or handmade products (like Etsy, but local). 

The owner repaints and refinishes furniture, and she and I sell out of the same space because our products compliment each other so well. Each of the other ladies has their own "room" to sell their wares, and let me tell you the store is like something straight off of Pinterest! You have to see it to believe it!

The Cottage Collective at our Grand Opening. Actually, none of this is there anymore. Because everything is one of a kind, it is a completely different store each and every week! {Photo by Sara Mac Photography}

Hopefully I've given you a little glimpse at what A Prairie Market has to offer. My goal is to inspire others with a love for vintage to live beautifully and uniquely, on any budget. Come visit any time! If you're ever looking for a specific item, I frequent antique stores, flea markets, junk shops and more. If you'd like help finding something, shoot me a message! I'd love to be your personal picker!

A Prairie Market on Etsy
The Cottage Collective on Facebook
Street Address:
509 N. Lorraine
Wichita, KS 67214

Thanks so much for coming by! Be sure to show the other shop owners some love by stopping by the party!

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Farmhouse Table & A Maxi Dress

Well hello there! Did you think I had fallen from the face of the earth? I've just been busy as ever working and running around to flea markets and have barely stopped for a second. Actually I did take a day off from my day job a few days before the wedding I was in, just to rest and relax. Of course that was a really difficult thing for me to do and the day ended with me hauling my little SUV about 30 minutes outside the city to pick up a farmhouse table my friend Joey spotted for me on Craigslist.

The side tables in our living room have been something I've wanted to replace for a while, as they are old hand me downs. I wasn't in a hurry for this particular corner because it's really blocked by our two couches and the small table there wasn't really noticeable. But I knew this farm table would be perfect when I saw it, and add a lot of needed height and presence (plus it was a great price!).

The day I went to rescue the table I was headed to a bachelorette party. I think it's fair to say I should get some sort of award because I hauled that table out of my car, across our driveway, through all our various doors, up our stairs to our apartment, over all the furniture/crap in the living room (I had just been on a buying trip so there was stuff everywhere) and over to its little a strapless maxi dress. What can I say? I'm very motivated by antiques : )

{Someday I will have time/remember to put a picture in my tin tile frame}

I have no doubt that this piece will be a revolving display area. Right now I just have a few items on it I'd been saving for when I had room. The large top and bottom shelf give me so much more storage and display space, so I'm excited to finally have something besides shelving and my coffee table to decorate : )

{Don't you love the natural distressing on the bottom shelf?}

{An ironstone chamber pot I scored at Sparks for $7 filled with my favorite greenery}

The top of the table is exposed wood, worn smooth over the years, and the body of the table is painted white, which has cracked to show spring green underneath. I'm not normally a fan of the crackle paint look, but this piece has crackled naturally over time, and it reads as white when you glance as it. Up close you can see the green color, which is a fun surprise.

The door I had leaning against this wall is in the garage right now and I just haven't had the energy to carry it back up the stairs yet, but I think I need to as more height here is still needed. (Maybe I should get out my trusty maxi dress!)

So how about you guys? Have you had any great Craigslist scores lately? Any feats of strength out of love for decor? You know I need to hear about it!

{live beautifully}

PS- A very happy birthday to the love of my life, my husband Matt! I love you honey, and am so very honored to be your wife! Happy birthday also to Matt's sister Jessica (yep, they have the same birthday). Hope your day is fabulous!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Leftover Flowers

Good morning friends! Happy Monday! This weekend was a special one for me. One of my best friends got married! It was such a gorgeous wedding and fun weekend. 

I took about a million pictures and I hope to share a few of them, but today I'm enjoying a few leftover bouquets of the stunning flowers from the wedding.

Her colors were coral with hits of pinks and peaches (as you might remember from the shower I threw). The flowers she chose were all soft blooms like hydrangeas, English garden roses and peonies. It was all breathtaking. I love how the soft petals look in the morning light of my kitchen. 

Hopefully I'll be back later this week with a few more posts. The weekend was so busy I didn't get to do any blogging (the weekend is usually when that happens), but I have a few fun new things to share with you.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

{live beautifully}

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Antique Emergency

So at the Sparks Flea Market, my mother-in-law and I were all done for the day and heading to the car. I had just spent my very last dollar and the vendors were closing up shop. We happened to go down an aisle where we had been earlier in the day. We were just chatting along, carrying our finds, when suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks. The next words out of my mouth were "I'll pay you back but I need this now...immediately!"

Now, I'm usually a pretty calm shopper. I try to have a good poker face so I don't give away when I'm thrilled with a find or bargain. (And I promise I don't usually demand people buy me things on the spot : ) But I totally lost it when I spotted this antique Dundee marmalade jar. 

I'd been looking for one forever, but things from England are usually kind of hard to find on the plains of Kansas. I've seen them on eBay and etsy, but I just couldn't bare shelling out $20 or $30 for a little jar.

Luckily for me, my sweet MIL whipped out her $10 bill immediately. We dubbed that interaction "the antique emergency" and our favorite moment of the day. We laughed all the way home about my rather intense and sudden reaction. Needless to say, the jar is my favorite find from the market : )

And Dalanna, I owe you 10 bucks!

{live beautifully}
I'm linking to Show Us Friday at Jennifer Rizzo's.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Shop Goods

Just a heads up that I listed a few new items in the shop. They are things that didn't sell in the market. Sadly for me, they are some of my favorite things...but I guess I'll let them go : )

{chippy tin tile}

{ironstone mold}

{wire farmhouse basket}

You can see all the new items here.

Have a great day!
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sparks Flea Market

I'm back from the backroads of Kansas and my goodness did I find some fun things! My mother-in-law and I headed out at the crack of dawn on Saturday to the tiny town of Troy, KS, about four hours away. You know you've reached Sparks when the highway literally becomes a parking lot. There are cars lined up everywhere and people hauling carts and bags of finds anywhere you kind of fun!

{aren't these giant metal letters awesome?}

I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I did, but this should give you a little taste of what it was like. The day was sweltering and we were sweating to death, but we hardly noticed because we had so much FUN! My mother-in-law is a trooper and kept up with me all day...which is saying something when I'm junking! We had a blast digging through the junk piles, bartering and picking out treasures.

This flea market was a very interesting one. Some dealers literally dumped piles of dirty, broken junk onto tables that you had to dig through. Others were truly antiques dealers with beautiful wares. The problem was the antiques dealers wanted true antique prices, and the junk people had mostly...junk. We did get quite a few good deals, but it took a lot of careful hunting and bargaining. Some of my favorite things like ironstone, scales and flower frogs were scarce. Other things like silver-plate, crates and locker baskets were plentiful. It was quite an interesting mix. 

We were there until the market closed down, and left with a full carload of finds. I'll be sharing some of my finds with you throughout the week, so stay tuned!

{I loved this old farm sign}

{pretty green glass bottles}

{I bought several of these worn old flower pots. I love their patina}

{This was the only ironstone pitcher I ever saw, and practically the only piece of ironstone at all. This was in one of the "true antique" booths...which meant a $95 price tag.}

there was lots of cool architectural salvage...

...and old furniture. The guy selling this piece was a character. He was a typical old junk guy, in plaid shirt and overalls, who wanted to tell us all about why American Pickers is fake. He told us they wanted to come shoot a show at his property and he told them he would "run them out with a gun" if they tried. I liked him : )

This old trophy was amazing. It was a Wichita golf trophy from 1925. The price was $100, which for an old trophy really isn't terrible. I decided I'd photograph it rather than purchase it, but I did buy the silver cake plate it's sitting on : )

I thought this old door in one of the "shops" was cool. The market winds down the streets of what seems to be an old town. Some booths are out in fields and others are in old structures and homes. It looks like animals probably live in the buildings most of the time, but for two weeks a year they're filled with antiques!

Overall the market was great, and it was such a fun trip for my mother-in-law and me! If you can ever make it out to the Sparks Flea Market, I highly recommend it. It's quite an adventure! If you decide to go, it seemed to me like there would have been better finds on Wednesday and Thursday when it opens, but the dealers were much more willing to barter since we were there on Saturday, and the deals got better the later in the day it was. There's a little something for everyone, so I'd definitely put it on your shopping list!

I'll share my finds with you soon! Have a great Monday!
{live beautifully}
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