Thursday, May 24, 2012

Farmhouse Table & A Maxi Dress

Well hello there! Did you think I had fallen from the face of the earth? I've just been busy as ever working and running around to flea markets and have barely stopped for a second. Actually I did take a day off from my day job a few days before the wedding I was in, just to rest and relax. Of course that was a really difficult thing for me to do and the day ended with me hauling my little SUV about 30 minutes outside the city to pick up a farmhouse table my friend Joey spotted for me on Craigslist.

The side tables in our living room have been something I've wanted to replace for a while, as they are old hand me downs. I wasn't in a hurry for this particular corner because it's really blocked by our two couches and the small table there wasn't really noticeable. But I knew this farm table would be perfect when I saw it, and add a lot of needed height and presence (plus it was a great price!).

The day I went to rescue the table I was headed to a bachelorette party. I think it's fair to say I should get some sort of award because I hauled that table out of my car, across our driveway, through all our various doors, up our stairs to our apartment, over all the furniture/crap in the living room (I had just been on a buying trip so there was stuff everywhere) and over to its little a strapless maxi dress. What can I say? I'm very motivated by antiques : )

{Someday I will have time/remember to put a picture in my tin tile frame}

I have no doubt that this piece will be a revolving display area. Right now I just have a few items on it I'd been saving for when I had room. The large top and bottom shelf give me so much more storage and display space, so I'm excited to finally have something besides shelving and my coffee table to decorate : )

{Don't you love the natural distressing on the bottom shelf?}

{An ironstone chamber pot I scored at Sparks for $7 filled with my favorite greenery}

The top of the table is exposed wood, worn smooth over the years, and the body of the table is painted white, which has cracked to show spring green underneath. I'm not normally a fan of the crackle paint look, but this piece has crackled naturally over time, and it reads as white when you glance as it. Up close you can see the green color, which is a fun surprise.

The door I had leaning against this wall is in the garage right now and I just haven't had the energy to carry it back up the stairs yet, but I think I need to as more height here is still needed. (Maybe I should get out my trusty maxi dress!)

So how about you guys? Have you had any great Craigslist scores lately? Any feats of strength out of love for decor? You know I need to hear about it!

{live beautifully}

PS- A very happy birthday to the love of my life, my husband Matt! I love you honey, and am so very honored to be your wife! Happy birthday also to Matt's sister Jessica (yep, they have the same birthday). Hope your day is fabulous!

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  1. ohhh, i adore that little table. What great patina!!

  2. What an amazing table!! I loooove it!! You've styled it so beautifully too!
    Happy birthday to your honey!

  3. Anonymous5/24/2012

    Oh Courtney,
    I absolutely love that table!! It looks just perfect!~
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. What a seriously great score, Courtney! That is a really unique and beautiful table! As always, I love the way you styled it. (And I noticed you have a copy of Romantic Prairie Style in that stack of books. If you don't have the new RPS magazine, I'm holding a giveaway for a copy of it, and a few more goodies on my blog through 5/31!)

    Have a great evening,

  5. Cute table! Love the story of you hauling it to your apartment in a strapless, long dress! The things we do for love!

  6. What a great table! I love the patina and the worn chippy paint. And doesn't every one lug tables with maxi dresses on :)



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