Monday, May 28, 2012

Sparks Finds

Happy Memorial Day friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing day off. Matt and I are spending ours at the pool and grilling with family. 

I've incorporated a few of my finds from the Sparks Flea Market into my living room display. I wanted the mantel to be fresh and white and clean for summer. 

I love finding these little green garden cloches. I don't find them often so when I do I snap them up.

Both of these pitchers came from Sparks. The large one is not something I've seen before. It is ironstone with a traditional marking on the bottom, but I've never seen a floral motif on a piece of ironstone before. I thought it was so pretty and unique and had to bring it home with me.

That tattered Jane Eyre book was $1. My mom and I both love Jane Eyre, and I loved the gray color of the book.

This chippy tin tile sold on etsy, and I was definitely sad to see it go! Such pretty detailing and chippy white/gray paint.

I got this ironstone chamber pot at Sparks for just $7 and filled it with greenery on our side table.

My beloved marmalade jar sits atop a stack of ironstone dishes.

Those are most of the things I got at Sparks (that didn't go to the shop). I did keep a lot more than I usually do from any buying trip, so I'm sure they'll migrate to etsy or the shop eventually.

Have you been incorporating flea market finds into your decor lately?

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  1. Love all of this! I'm drooling over your mantel shelves :) I feel like mine are such a hodge-podge... Yours are inspiring :)

    1. Thanks! I struggle with decorating shelves constantly because it is easy for them to look cluttered. Actually, even these still bug me because there is so much stuff on them but what can you do! I've contemplated hanging a big mirror on one of the outsides of the shelf and letting it take up space, then only decorating the space around it, but not sure how that would look...hmmm may have to try it out! : )

  2. Beautiful

    Pearl 13.1

  3. Love it all! Looks really good.

  4. Great finds. I love the way you have arranged everything. I think you hit your goal. The space looks bright, cheerful and full of vintage goodies. Love it.

  5. I'm visiting today through Layla's Summer Mantel Link Party!

    I love those little miniature cloches - I've never seen them before. Your mantel is lovely!


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