Thursday, June 14, 2012

Haven Bound

Well girls, I'm off to Haven. Yes, the Haven. The conference for home bloggers put on by the likes of Southern Hospitality, Miss Mustard Seed, Centsational Girl, etc.

I knew I wanted to go the moment I saw it advertised. Luckily it was in Atlanta, and my husband is a huge Braves fan. Plus, the conference was right around my birthday/our anniversary, and we were looking to travel somewhere relatively inexpensive. So we decided we'd make a whole trip of it and spend an entire week in Atlanta. 

In January we booked our very inexpensive flight and got a great deal on a 4-star hotel through Hotwire. It was working out perfectly. I thought I'd hold off buying Haven tickets a few more months just to avoid spending so much money all at once.

It never crossed my mind other people might want to go to Haven too...and that there might be a limited amount of tickets. When I went to purchase my ticket the first week of April, I discovered they had sold out the week before. WHAT?!

I was totally heartbroken. I'm sure Atlanta is cool and all, but we probably would have chosen somewhere else to spend a week if it weren't for Haven. I know I should have thought about tickets selling quickly, but it truly just didn't occur to me that a mid-June conference would be sold out by April.

Well, I placed myself on the waiting list and Matt and I made other plans for the week. There's plenty to do in Atlanta to keep ourselves entertained. 

A few months ago, the sweet Rhoda from Southern Hospitality emailed me to let me know that since I had already booked my flights and hotels they were going to offer me a ticket. I was ecstatic!! I had truly given up hope of going, so this was so amazing to me. I now know that God had a plan for me to be there so I'm extra excited to see what I'll learn, who I'll meet and the opportunities that might come from this conference. God has already dropped a business in my lap, so it keeps me wondering what else he has in store!

I am so excited not only for Haven but also for a week on vacation with Matt. Here are our plans for ATL:

- Two Braves games
- Dinner at Bones steakhouse for our anniversary 
- The Georgia Aquarium
- A tour of Turner Field
- A local brewery tour
- Lunch at the Busy Bee Cafe
- Antiquing at Queen of Hearts antique mall
- Shopping
- A day trip to Savannah and the beach!
- Golfing for Matt

If you have any other great tips, restaurants, shops, antique malls, etc. that you know about in Atlanta, I would love to hear about them! Our trip is planned purely on internet research, so we'd love to hear what's fun and unique if you have any ideas!

I'm not gonna lie...I'm pretty nervous about going to Haven. I'm not terribly outgoing in groups of people I don't know and the thought of meeting big time bloggers is really nerve racking to me. Plus I  feel like my blog is so small and "different," so I'm a little worried about fitting in. I know all of that is silly, and it's typical "girl stuff" to think, but I really am kind of nervous. I know it will be great and I am so excited to go, but just send up a prayer for me that I'll make a few friends and feel really comfortable while I'm there : )

I'll be sure to take tons of pictures of Haven, the flea market, Atlanta and more to share with you all. I'll see you guys when I get back!

{live beautifully}

PS- the pictures in this post make up my "dream home" - the favorite photo from each of my "room" Pinterest boards. Isn't it pretty? : ) You can check all my boards out here.


  1. Anonymous6/14/2012

    I'm so glad everything worked out for you!! I'm sure you will fit right in and make lots of new friends!! :) Have fun in Atlanta with your husband. We have only been there for the Olympics and Peach Bowl but I would love to visit some other time other than a sporting event. ;) Looking forward to your pictures! :)

  2. Anonymous6/14/2012

    You guys have so many super fun things planned!! Wishing you a fantastic time - can't wait to hear all about it! Pictures, pictures, pictures!!! :)

    1. Thank you ma'am! i'll be sure to take tons of pics!! xoxo

  3. Anonymous6/14/2012

    I have a niece who lives in Smyrna and says the area has awesome Goodwill stores - clean and well organized. Her "stomping grouds" are between Smyrna and the airport (she works for Delta), but I'll ask her specifics if you want me to. She has even found Waterford crystal there!! Have a fun trip.

  4. Anonymous6/14/2012

    Ooops, didn't mean to be THAT anonymous :0) That last comment was me - Aunt Kathy

    1. I was wondering if that was you! Yes I'd love to know if she has any good spots to visit...especially antique malls or flea markets! see you guys in a few weeks!

  5. Hey Courtney! Hope you have a fabulous time, and learn lots, and enjoy the sweet hours away with your hubby!! Me and mine need some of that kind of time real bad!! It's been too long!


  6. Hi Courtney! I will be attending Haven and I live in Atlanta. You planned a wonderful trip and you will enjoy all the sights you have planned to see. Bones is amazing! It's my husband's favorite. Hope to meet you at Haven!

  7. Hi courtney, I totally adore your style it's everything I love. what a beautiful easy to look at blog. I am a new follower and look forward to stopping by again.
    Bec x

  8. Courtney,

    I am so looking forward to meet you! I am heading for Haven tomorrow (and I am nervous, too!

    Have a wonderful day!


  9. courtney,
    How exciting to be going to this conference. I don't know you but from reading your blog I do know that you have wonderful style and things to contribute no matter what blogger you find yourself interacting with. I also think it is pretty natural to feel a bit apprehensive being in a big group where you do not know anyone. Have confidence in yourself and the big guy upstairs. I know that you will do great and have a wonderful time.


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