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  1. Your bird cages are soo lovely, and I just love your butter pats, too! My fave type is the chunky plain white, too! I have 4 or 5 of them and adore them. But, I am still always tempted to buy other types, too. ;o)

    Thanks for sharing your pretties! Love your photos!

  2. I love bird cages and aren't you a lucky gal for your find?! I'm a scrounging, collecting queen. A couple of months ago, my daughter was dragged by her best friend to a junk sale in a small town near their home. She got the CUTEST old bird cage I've ever seen, for $3.00!!! I begged her for it, she is neither a junker nor a collector and she likes all things new. She would not give it to me. She said the lady that ran the sale told her to take it home, scrub it up and paint it aqua. NOW, she loves it. Wish that woman at the sale wouldn't said anything to her!!! 🙂

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