Monday, July 23, 2012

A Day at the Market

This weekend, my good friend Leah and I got the chance to spend the day together. Leah and I always have so much fun because our interests are very similar. We both love to antique, and she has been my "junking buddy" on many of my road trips to find items for the shop. It's also a plus because our husbands are really good friends and they both love to golf. So many weekends we send the boys out golfing and we'll hit up the latest flea market or antique shop. In fact, we even joined a local country club with them, so we always have someone to golf with (or in our case, someone to ride in the cart with while the boys golf), or spend an afternoon at the pool with. It works out perfectly!

This Saturday, we decided to begin the day by going to our local farmer's market. I had never been, but I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of locally grown produce, freshly baked bread, handmade goods, plants and baked goods. It was so much fun to stop and chat with each vendor. I tried to snap a few photos but it was hard to get many because I didn't want to be in any other shopper's way. 

I loved that this vegetable vendor used a vintage scale and old wire basket to weigh his produce. 

I wanted to ask if I could buy the tomatoes sign from this booth...I thought it would be so adorable in a farmhouse kitchen!

One vendor sold organic, handmade pastas. They looked divine!

The flower vendor was my favorite. I came home with a tall mixed bouquet that is gorgeous. The selection was wonderful and I loved supporting the local growers.

They displayed the large bouquets in these zinc containers...which I also wanted to bring home : )

Fresh herbs always make food tastier, I think!

There was one vendor who sold nothing but gorgeous succulents. The coloring and shape of each plant was lovely.

We had so much fun at the market, and then spent the rest of the morning browsing antique shops. Next was a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up a few items for dinner that night, followed by an afternoon relaxing by the pool. Once the boys were done golfing, we all went to Leah's house for dinner with some other friends. Leah and her husband have a spacious house that's the perfect set up for entertaining, so we love to go over there and spend the evenings cooking together. Saturday's menu was hotdogs and brats topped with cilantro, white onion and mustard, plus grilled veggies from the market. We finished the evening by whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and playing our favorite game, called Settlers of Catan. It was such a fun day with great friends!

Hope your weekend was equally as lovely!
{live beautifully}

PS- just a note that I have put my etsy shop on vacation indefinitely. Between the shop and a lot of evening meetings at work, I just can't keep up with the shipping aspect of running an online business. I'm hoping to reopen in the fall or winter. Thanks to everyone who supported the shop! It means the world to me!


  1. Morning coffee and reading your blog... a great combination. I love all the photos! They capture all the pretty things we saw at the market. It was a fun and relaxing day and evening with friends. The only thing you missed was a picture of the hot dogs. Do you put hotdogs on your blog?? I can't wait for our next trip to a new place!

  2. Anonymous7/23/2012

    Looks like such a fun little weekend! Love me some outdoor markets!! :)

  3. Amazing photos. That photos is cactus and the other is okra


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