Monday, September 10, 2012

An Instagram Day

Good morning friends! How was your weekend? Did you get to do anything fun? I have to say, our Saturday was pretty laid back and fun around here. I ended up documenting the whole day on Instagram, not so much on purpose but just because I was enjoying everything and drinking in the beauty all day long. {If you're on Instagram, you can follow me at username courtneymbrowning}

I got to sleep til noon...yes, noon. I know everyone with kids hates me right now : ) But I'm enjoying those days while I have them. Matt watched football and did laundry while I sipped coffee, cruised pinterest, cleaned and organized, and got out a few Halloween decorations. We had a fun afternoon together just hanging out, cleaning up the house and being silly together. Those are my favorite!

I had been dying to pick up some pumpkins, and had been waiting very impatiently for them to arrive at  our supermarket. A friend let me know they were finally available and you better believe I was off to the store in a hurry. These will go to the shop, and I have some fun things up my sleeve for the flat funny ones!

When I got home from the store, the October issue of Country Living was waiting for me! It seems kinda early, but I'll sure take it! I love the day Country Living arrives in the mail!

Next, I hung a new mirror I got from One King's Lane in our hallway. OKL is one of my favorite resources right now for lovely things at a great price.

Sometimes I love to just be at home and enjoy my house. It doesn't happen that often, especially during the day time, so I try to soak it all in and enjoy the pretty when it does.

We had been invited to a fundraiser for our local zoo by some friends, so I got to wear my first "fall outfit" since the evening was supposed to be a little cooler. Jeans, a mint tea with mustard rosette necklace, and my favorite grey jacket. (In case you are wondering, this pic is in our TV room...which will never ever appear on the blog, if you know what I mean...not too pretty : )

A close up of the necklace I got from my friend/fellow Cottage gal Mindy of Marigold Road.

The fundraiser was so much fun! It's an outdoor even at the zoo with tons and tons of local restaurants and live music. All the food and drinks are free, so you get to eat lots of delicious things, like these pretty aqua cake pops. They were my fave!

Ok so I know this is not the kind of thing I post on the blog but this pic just cracks me up! It is Matt and I to a tee...and totally priceless! : )

Loved this wall of old numbers at the zoo.

There was lots of hand holding as we enjoyed the lovely fall weather : )

With some of our good friends, Kat and Cameron. We had so much fun! It was a great way to end a beautiful fall Saturday!

How about you guys? What was your weekend like? I'd love to hear!

{live beautifully}


  1. I love that you have started putting out your Halloween decorations. I am just dying to, but will have to wait until we move into our new house next month. And I am the same way, the day Country Living arrives is the best!!

  2. Hi Courtney...looks as if you and Matt had a wonderfully fun time! Those aqua cake pops made my mouth water as soon as I saw them!
    Your home always looks so beautiful as you gradually add new pieces, but especially lovely when you begin your holiday creativity!

  3. so cute and there's the necklace! eee!


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