Monday, September 17, 2012

Quick Halloween Touches

Is it too early to decorate for Halloween? I hope not because I already have! My "fall decor" box was still out from decorating the living room, so instead of making a trip to store it and then a trip to get it back out for Halloween in a few weeks, I just quickly put out my orange and black things to get the job done. This was super quick decorating and super quick photos, so nothing fancy or terribly inspired. Just some whimsical, festive touches in the kitchen to ring in Halloween...a little early : )

Black and orange stripey straws are from TJ Maxx

Again, I'm waiting for natural pumpkins to be available, but the faux ones will do for now!

The display above our fridge...I just plopped my little halloween man on top of the number bucket and called it good!

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  1. Anonymous9/17/2012

    Cute!! Loving the festive decor!! :)

  2. Super cute! I can't wait for Halloween!

  3. Your decorating is so tasteful yet festive, Courtney! I can't wait to get out my fall decor very soon. And I'm loving those putka pods this year!

    Carolina Country Living

  4. Great fall inspiration...loving the straws!!

  5. Totally adorable! I love seeing photos of your decorating. :)

  6. how do the straws in a white vase make such a fabulous impact! love them!

  7. I love how it is simply Halloween and not overdone. Beautiful!


  8. Simple, pretty and bright - just right!

  9. Super cute. It's perfect Happy Fall


  10. Very cute. I hope you will stop by and link up at my All Things Fall Party!


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