Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Registry Favorites: Our Dishes

I've been wanting to do a series on how we like certain products we registered for, since we've now been married and lived with those products for more than a year. I hope this is helpful to anyone registering for their wedding, or anyone looking for great items for their home.

I thought I'd start off with what's been one our favorite purchases/gifts - our dishes. I blogged about them when I registered, but now that we've lived with them, I can say they have more than lived up to my expectations. They are the Antique White Dinnerware by Mikasa (they are listed incorrectly in my 2010 post about them, this is the correct set).

I was not originally planning to register for dishes. I had some I liked, and had searched and searched and couldn't find any to replace them with that seemed any better. But, my all-time favorite blog is The Grower's Daughter and she would always post the most beautiful pictures of baked goods on her dishes. They were just what I had in my head and so I sent her an email to ask where she got them. Maria was kind enough to tell me the company and pattern, and I immediately registered for the entire line. I am so glad I did!

{close up of the back in case you would like to purchase them}

We didn't want fine china, but also didn't want completely plain everyday dishes. These are the perfect compromise because they are everyday china - the weight and delicacy of china with the durability of daily dishes. They are a perfect solution in my opinion. They're delicate and lovely enough to be set on a formal table for special occasions, but not so delicate we can't eat on them every day, throw them in the dishwasher, or use them in the microwave  - and we do all that and more! They hold up beautifully and lend an elegant air to every dinner table (even taco night!).

The tea cups are one of my favorite parts : )

I love the scalloped detail on them - it's a little feminine without being too sweet and flowery. My husband isn't embarrassed to eat off them : )

I couldn't help but share a few images of these gorgeous flowers I picked up at the market - their purple hue looks lovely in aqua mason jars. You've always got to have flowers for a photo shoot, right?

I also registered for these floral napkins and think they are so pretty for any occasion. 

There are several pieces to the Antique White collection. I have the dishes (which come with the tea cups/saucers and soup bowls), cream/sugar set, butter dish, one platter and a soup tureen. Each piece is perfectly lovely on its own and I display them all around the house when we're not using them. The cream and sugar is at my coffee station, the tureen resides on our shelves, and the platter on our kitchen shelves.

Here they are in our dishes cupboard. The cafe au lait bowls are from Williams-Sonoma. I like to perch the salad dishes on a cake stand just for height and interest.

Another registry favorite, our silverware by Oneida. I chose a classic beaded pattern which is simple and timeless - my favorite combination!

If you are registering or simply looking for new white dishes, I can't recommend the Antique White collection enough. The pattern can look elegant or simplistic, dressy or casual, feminine or functional depending on how you use it, which is perfect for how we live. The dishes are also super durable - we have dropped them, washed them, zapped them, banged them together, etc. and they are still in perfect condition. I'm totally pleased with the choice and think you would be too!

Do you have a favorite set of dishes? Why do you love them so much? Please share!

{live beautifully}


  1. Anonymous9/11/2012

    I was actually meaning to ask you for registry tips! We started online but need to register soon! :) As always, love your cute famrhouse chic style! Miss you though - catch up soon?!?!

  2. You know Courtney, I absolutely loathe my dishes. For something I thought I loved so much when I bought them, I've turned to dislike them even more.
    I keep putting off buying new because I think as soon as I buy some, I'll find something else I like better. I suppose since I've been bitten by that regret bug, it might still be sticking around.
    Your post has re-inspired me to give it another try and find something simple, yet beautiful.


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