Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Very Small Collection

Do you ever collect things for "someday"? One thing I've started to pick up when I see them are vintage silver napkin rings. Someday when we have a house and the Thanksgiving hosting duties have been passed on to me, I can see a holiday table set and ready for guests, each with a unique napkin ring at their place.

These little rings have so much character, many of them engraved with an initial or name. I pick them up for a dollar or two at flea markets and estate sales. I only have four now, but it will probably be several years before I'm hosting any holiday gatherings, so there's plenty of time for the collection to grow.

I have actually seen similar rings in antique stores for $25-35 each, but I've never paid more than a few dollars for mine. They're always on their own, mismatched from their original set, but I don't mind. I think they're each charming in their own way. 

It's hard to see, but the middle one says "Adin." I love that I have such a personal piece of history!

It's just a fun little something to keep my eye out for, and to save for someday gatherings with friends and family.

What about you, do you collect any unique items? What makes your holiday table special for your family?

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  1. Lovely post. I just posted last night about my collection of flatware.. I love it and have quite a bit, but never enough!

  2. I'm starting to collect miscellaneous vintage/antique china pieces. We didn't register for china when we got married (not my cup of tea), but I'd love to have a full "mismatched" set. :)

  3. Found you on Fern creek and now I'm following! Love your style!

  4. I love the vintage napkin rings. They are so vintage and classy.


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