Monday, November 5, 2012

Headed to the Shop this Week

Good morning friends! I'm back from a weekend in Kansas City with Matt and his family for his cousin's wedding. The wedding was gorgeous and we had so much fun getting to spend time with friends and family. On Saturday before the wedding, I also got to experience Kansas City's First Friday vintage market. There really are no words to describe how amazing it was. I was on complete vintage overload the entire time I was there, which was only about three hours. I only made it through two of the many, many warehouses filled with once-a-month vintage shops. It was seriously the best vintage shopping I've ever gotten to do, and the kind of vintage stuff I just don't find often in Wichita. I already told Matt all I want for my birthday is a wad of cash and to be dropped off at First Friday for about 12 hours : )

I didn't have as much "shop money" with me as I would have liked, but I was able to find a few things to bring back to The Cottage.

My favorite find were these urns. Vintage cast iron urns are one of those things I always see in photos and magazines, and would think they would be easy to find...but apparently not. When I have found them, they have been exorbitantly priced. I was thrilled to come across the two cream ones. The larger urn is old, while I believe the smaller one is a reproduction, but you really can't tell. (The small gray one is from my own collection).

Next up, another item I've been searching for for a while...a vintage sugar tin. These are never easy to find, and expensive online. I bought this one from the sweetest old man who was closing is booth and had 50% off his many interesting wares. He mentioned what a neat find it was, and I had to agree.

I also found this delicate ironstone sugar and tea pot set. Simple and lovely.

This vintage step ladder has the best chippy green paint.

A striped linen tea towel

And last but not least, a vintage trophy. This is another item I've always loved but have not really come across. 

I had so much fun exploring at First Friday and cannot wait to go back! Tomorrow I'll share a few pictures I snapped while shopping...there was some seriously incredible stuff and amazing displays! If you can't live without any of these finds, they will be available at The Cottage this week.

{live beautifully}

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  1. I am so jealous of your vintage shopping experience, now that it is cold outside I am going through flea market withdrawal. You found some awesom things! I too have been on a search for a sugar tin, love the one you found! Beautiful pictures as usual!

    Megan @


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