Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Simple Gift {And Free Printable}

Around the holidays, I'm always looking for simple little somethings to give to friends and coworkers. I saw this idea on Pinterest for tying a "for your mistle toes" tag to nail polish and knew it would make a fun, easy gift that felt thoughtful without spending too much.

This is my current favorite nail polish color, Glamour Purse by Essie, which I seem to be wearing constantly this season. After falling in love with the shade, I picked up a few more bottles at TJ Maxx to give to friends at work. I get to work with several girls my age and we all have so much fun together and are such good friends! I like to think it's like those movies where the character gets to work, hang out and talk with her best friend(s) all day on the job...that's pretty much what we do : )

I created my own tag using the same graphics/font as our Christmas cards (can you tell I'm loving this look this year?). Then I just printed out a sheet of tags on cardstock, cut them out, hole punched them and tied them to the polish with silver baker's twine. Simple and easy as can be!

If you'd like to give some mistle-toes as gifts too, you can download the tag here. Please note this is for your personal use only as some of the font is licensed and I was not the creator of the wreath graphic.

Happy gift giving!

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  1. Anonymous12/12/2012

    What a cute holiday idea! :)

  2. LOVE THIS!! Thank you!!!!!!
    xo~ CHeryl

  3. Jessica12/16/2012

    I'm having a problem with the link. It is directing me to a video, not the printable. Can you please report the link?

    1. Sorry Jessica! It should work now!

    2. Jessica12/17/2012

      It worked!! Thank you sooo much!

  4. Anonymous12/17/2012

    Just wanted to send a BIG Thank You for sharing!! love it!

  5. How lovely!!! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I borrowed your tag but used it on "comfy" socks for my coworkers who are nurses and on their feet ALL day.

    Thank you for sharing, your idea helped me with my Christmas gifts for coworkers this year.

    Merry Christmas Courtney

    ~ Lisa ~


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