Monday, December 3, 2012

A Touch of Christmas Red

Happy December friends! Can you believe we're only a few weeks away from Christmas? Since my poor husband declared our Christmas decor didn't look too Christmas-y, I decided to stretch myself a bit and use a touch of red in one room of the house. It's cheerful and bright and the official color of Christmas!

The kitchen is where I usually do more whimsical details than the other rooms, so the red seemed to fit right in. The problem was, I don't own much that is red so I had to get extra creative. A few bags of  candies was all I needed to add the festive touch we were looking for.

A little rosemary tree from the grocery store adds the perfect touch of nature nestled in a red stripe kitchen towel and urn.

Peppermints and greenery were the name of the game on the shelves this year...

I have to say I was slightly obsessed with photographing the candy canes in the marmalade jar...I loved the combination!

These miniature santa mugs came from a favorite local shop. I had never seen them in all white before so I had to scoop them up when I found them after Christmas last year.

Candy canes = photo ops : )

I did have a vintage red book on hand, so I added it to the mix...every little bit helps!

My beloved scalloped cake stands got a layer of fresh greenery for a festive touch.

I found a bag of these meringues at TJ Maxx and added them in for an extra sweet detail. I thought they mixed well on cake stands and with the peppermints for sort of a Christmas candy theme.

I've had these little hohoho ceramic balls for a few years, except I broke all but eight last season. They did the trick for a red pop though!

Of course I had to get a shot of everyone's favorite...the church pew!

It was so easy to add a little cheery red with these striped mints in an old sugar bowl.

And a French wire basket got some silver balls, greenery and pinecones for a little nature and sparkle

And I couldn't resist a few detail shots...

Hopefully my little attempt at adding some Christmas red will make the holidays a little more festive for Matt! Sometimes I have to remember he lives here too : ) Although he is a really great sport about all my decorating and dragging antiques in and out...he definitely gets lots of points for that! 

If you'd like to see the kitchen at Christmas last year (pre-good camera) you can click here.

How about you? Do you love holiday color or a white Christmas?

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  1. Your kitchen loks so pretty and festive! I really like the small touches of red!

  2. I love your pops of red in the kitchen. My Christmas decor is white like yours too, but I find a way to add red on my Christmas tree and in my kitchen. It feels good to have it somewhere during the holidays. Love your style!

  3. I'm a BIG fan of red anytime of the year but mostly at Christmas. I enjoy how you sprinkled the color around your room. Your displays are gorgeous - - so magzine worthy.

  4. Everything looks so beautiful with all the touches of red and greenery! :)

  5. The perfect touches. So pretty!

    1. Thanks so much! I am a huge fan of your blog : )

  6. Your kitchen is very pretty and the red is a lovely accent to your white and greenery. I really admire your ability to show restraint. I start off fairly simple ( well except for the kids/family tree) and then just keep going. Before long it gets too cluttery.

  7. I love the ho ho ho and the pops of red. I drool over your pictures. Merry Christmas.


  8. I am a new follower and I love you home. Last year you had the Reindeer Ribbon. Do you remember where you got it ?

    1. Hi there! I got the reindeer ribbon at my local grocery store...strangely enough : ) It's from Dillon's, which is like Kroger. Hope that helps!

  9. Courtney, I know it's been a few years but do you remember where you purchased your "ho ho ho" ceramic balls? I'd love to find some. They are adorable. ♥

    Thank you,

    ~ Lisa ~


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