Monday, February 25, 2013


Hello everyone! We've been snowed in here on the plains for the last several days. At first it was nice to have a day away from the office, but now we're going stir crazy! I haven't had a chance to do any of my normal decorating or photographing, but I thought I would share a little life update in the way of a few Instagram photos.

A few weekends ago, Matt and I headed down to Oklahoma with his sister. They went to the KU-OU game and I went antiquing...the perfect set up for both of us! : )

It was a beautiful drive through the plains of Kansas and Oklahoma.

We stopped for lunch at Flat Tire Burgers in Edmond, where I spent part of my college years.

And after dropping Matt and his sister off, I got the whole afternoon to myself for antiquing in the small towns along I-35. This antique store was my favorite as it was located in this beautiful old hotel. All the rooms had the original 1800s wallpaper and the giant staircase leading to all three stories was beautiful.

Then last week, the snowstorm hit and we've been pretty cooped up ever since. We have the pleasure of having this gorgeous church as the view from our TV room window. I love enjoying the architecture in every season, but especially covered in snow.

A little cabin-fever snapshot of items that have made their way to the coffee table.

A second round of snow hit us today, and it's supposed to become a blizzard tonight and tomorrow...but it makes for a pretty drive home from the office!

This week Matt officially started eating clean with me. I thought being snowed in called for some delicious whole wheat pancakes, made with these lovely organic eggs of course. The flour packaging is pretty cute too : )

So, what have you guys been up to? If you're in the midwest, have you been surviving the snow? I think I'm over it and ready for spring now!

{live beautifully}


  1. a: Girl, you work all morning, do your taxes, get your blog out & whip up some yummy pancakes for dinner.....maybe you do take after me a little bit ;)
    b: What a cool shot of the plains/sky on the way to Oklahoma! (Church and street shots aren't too shabby either!)
    c: Next time yo mama wants to go to OKC with you & help you do your antiquing :)
    d: Did you know that the Hudson Mill is in a little town northwest of here about an hour - cool, huh?
    e: (shall I continue down the alphabet? tehe) I love you & am proud that you're my daughter

  2. Anonymous2/26/2013

    Hi Courtney, I live in Dallas and drive up 35 to see my mom in KC frequently. Which town is this antique store in which is in the hotel? I'd love to see it. I'm from KC and my husband's family is from Wichita, but I can't take that snow and cold any more. Kudos to you! Diana

    1. Hi Diana, the antique store was in Purcell, Oklahoma. I was not terribly impressed with the other antique stores there, but that one was fun. Enjoy!

  3. You two make such a cute couple! As for the snow...I'm so over it...everyone in my home is suffering from cabin fever...and that includes the dogs ;o)


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